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When the King gets an idea in his mind...


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The King had summoned May in between other meetings, some more enjoyable than others, when an idea had struck him rather suddenly.


Nell had told him once of how Master Murray had helped her when she had carriage problems and that he had sent some sort of Scottish protection brooches for her and her children, his children. Buckingham had mentioned to him that he was thinking of finding some tutelage for Gwen's boy after some fierce ribbing he had done over the rumors that the beautiful songstress had up and left him; that being on the mend had left him to much merriment and laughter about George's mercurial proclivities and his attached fondness, such attachment not being something the King truly had himself. Both were kind to those they cared about, though, so the amusement had given rise to an idea when coupled with Nell's praise. Had May not mentioned that Lady Gwendolyn had spoken to him around Saint George's day about her son and his own children with Nell, who was a friend to her?


Master Murray had stepped forward as a suitor to Lady Fiona, and while his relation to Athole rather recommended him as being of very good breeding and connection, the young man had no true position. Well he could impact more than one thing with one simple gesture.


The King's birthday was coming up, and it was another of those state occasions where some generosities were given out to his courtiers. He already had decided on a knighthood for George Etherege. Gerard needed some encouragement for voting in the Lords despite the risk to him with a Catholic wife and a fondness for his boy Monmouth. Master Murray could be added to those ranks. He seemed a worthy sort.


As of yet, nothing had reached his ears about Master Murray's connections with Shaftesbury considering Shaftesbury was quite careful about where he met, but even that might not deter him considering many of his friends had agreements with Shaftesbury or the Country Party.


It seemed his children with Nell were in need of a tutor, and Master Murray was reportedly a man of learning and education.


Yes, it seemed quite the way to make a number of people happy! Now he would just need to inform May and speak to the Scot.

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