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Notes Between Beverley & Cumberland (please don't archive)

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*As result of the conclusion of his thread with CW on 11/5


11/5/77 Left on Rupert's desk in his study


Your Highness,


I have spoken to Lord Langdon about the Brighton arrangements. He is satisfied with the 3rd troop of Life Guard accompanying the procession to Brighton. He will be personally taking the small squad early, that we spoke of*, to hopefully begin arrangements with the men provided by Lords Dorset & Middlesex before the arrival. Lord Langdon is confident that if 100 men are provided by the Lords Lieutenant that security shall be sufficient when coupled with the security of the harbour by His Majesty's Naval presence there. The Life Guard will provide the security for the royal guests and court.


In case that number of men cannot be guaranteed or provided by Lords Dorset & Middlesex, Lord Langdon has requested that Lord Gerard's Regiment of Horse be move to Newhaven. I have subsequently issued that movement order to Lord Gerard in your stead.




*Bevsey is speaking of the King leaving early, but he's not going to write that in a note

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Rupert read the note by his adjutant with satisfaction. It was as it should be. The boy looked after things so he didn't have to worry about things, always thinking ahead to reassure his master.


No reply was necessary and instead he called for a glass of wine as he joined Peg for a bit of family time.

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