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A sly bad boy goes to uni | ModernAU | Alexa

Robert Saint-Leger

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(One modern iteration of Bevsey)




Shit, shit, shit!


He really should not have had a nap and then stopped off for a pint after morning row on the river and before his first class of the day. An afternoon run to class was not his idea of fun. He had locked up his motorbike and took off toward the lecture hall. The brown-haired young man had not even had time to change and was wearing rather inappropriate gear to class. Leather trousers and a motor jacket were not precisely lecture attire.


He was only going to Uni to please his father and to stay away from the real world for another few years. Well, and he also was a rather addicted rower which explained how he could possible wake up before dawn 6 days a week and train for hours a day on the Oriel College crew and on the OUBC as well. Racing and polo, the only two things he particularly cared for, and any sort of racing would do. The faster, the better.


Taking a corner tight, he spun around some poor sod, and rocketed down the hall as the bells rang the hour.


He was going to be late, and he surely did not need to gain an audience with the dean. He was not even sure where his gown was if he got sent up.


The bells had finished at least a minute or two earlier and the hall was rather empty when he pulled open the door mid-roll and looked sheepish, carrying a notebook, with his hair going every which way. He was only taking this class to meet more women. What could be better than Women's Studies? Feminists were lady-panthers in bed in his experience.


The professor stared at him. So did the rest of the students.


"And you are?"


God, you look like you really need to get laid.


"Erm, Beverley, madam," he said, offering a sweet smile and making puppy eyes at her.


"Well? Take a seat," she barked, as if such was obvious.


He slid into a seat next to a rather fetching red-head. Gingers were wild in bed in his experience. He licked his lips as his eyes gave her a covert once over before flirtatiously giving her a deep, "Hello," along with a playful smile.


His thighs were a bit sweaty from running half a mile in leather trousers, and he shifted a bit, trying to get comfortable.


(If anyone else would like some fun time with a modern Bevsey for the holidays, PM me )

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Lexa always hungered for knowledge. She wanted to have a good degree and make sure that she had her own direction even though her entire life would be 'taken care of' if she wished it. The very idea of being someone's trophy wife or living off her trust really appalled her. She loved to be independent, making her own money, and knowing how to run a business successfully. It was quite obvious she would have been mad to live in some century where women's rights was some running joke. The very idea of a woman being someone's property just because of marriage made her want to break something.


She loved to learn new things whether it was at school, or from a friend. It gave her some form of satisfaction and freedom while not squandering her family's fortune on ridiculous things like gambling and more on lessons on how to be a successful gourmand, brown belt in Karate, horseback riding and whatever else she had set her mind to for the year. She was a firm believer in trying everything at least once and immediately dropping what did not need to stay in her rigorous schedule.


The women's study class was not so bad a majority of it was rather interesting and she needed it for her major. The professor was rather nice to look at and she was a lesbian who was living with her significant other with a second child on the way. It was definitely something Alexandra could appreciate and whenever the woman got the chance, she would make sure to flirt with the professor just to keep things interesting.


Blue-green eyes followed the commotion as one of the students were late, the amusement was clear as day on her face as the corner of her lip turned up slightly into a smirk. He was wearing leather trousers and his motor jacket which some might think him to be the bad boy on campus, but for some reason Lexa always found him rather adorable. What was he doing in this class?


It made her chuckle a bit as it seemed Beverley was flirting with the professor as well and she gently bit down on the side of her index finger to stifle the laughter. He finally came over to sit right next to her and if she was perhaps in a less than amused mood, she would have felt rather put out that he did not recognize her when he said 'hello'. Keen eyes glanced at the notebook and she gave a silent chuckle that only made her eyes dance with laughter as she revealed dimples when she smiled when she whispered, "I think you might have misplaced your textbook, Bevs." Looking at the poor rumpled notebook wondering if he fished it out of a dumpster recently. "Jeebus, you look like a hot mess."


Her voice was hushed to ensure that class could begin and people were not glaring at them for talking in class.

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"Oh, Christ, Lexa." He stared at her for a sound, long moment. Had he even seen her at any events that summer? He could not remember, probably because he had escorted Claudia the entire season. Lord Dartmouth's niece was fit! And they had a nice arrangement for casual shagging.


He grinned, "I am a hot mess." He might be a little unkempt, but he knew he was attractive. He had a lean, athletic body from rowing and riding, and most girls said he had a sweet face.


He leaned back, eyebrow raising, "You're looking well."


Shrugging, he looked down at his notebook, realizing he did not even have a pen.




"You've a pen I can borrow? Or, better yet, can I run your notes over the copier on my printer later?"

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It is quite possible he completely missed her at all the lofty summer events especially when she decided to go to NYC on a whim while working for one of her favorite charities. Her smile broadened to a grin as realization finally struck him and she eyed him like a hungry feline. It was her habit, she could not help enjoying people, the sex was enjoyable, the drama not so much.


She shook her head a little immune to his attractiveness, but a sucker for the charm. "Martial arts really seems to help keep me fit and well armed," she whispered teasingly. As soon as she began to pay attention to the professor, Beverley was whispering again.


"Who brings a notebook and pen to class anymore," she whispered back as she lifted the top of her sleek laptop and smirked at him. Then rolled her eyes and offered him one of her less favorite pens almost sure that she wouldn't get it back. Not because he was an intentional pen klepto, but more that he would absent-mindedly put it in a pocket and forgot who the owner of it originally was.


"I want that back, and I shall consider emailing you my notes, but it'll cost you," She whispered back sweetly.

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"Well you cannot beat up on me. I'm fragile goods. Secret weapon against Cambridge. You don't want to be single-handedly responsible for losing the sporting match of the entire year." He grinned, his tone anything but serious. He was the stroke of the crew, so he was an asset, but he was rather aware it was because he was one of the few chaps who had been doing it his entire life. His father had been a rower, one of the blues, just like Bev was now. He had gone with his father since he was a little boy.


Brooke had rowed with their coach which was rather sweet fuck all so far as Beverley was concerned. His father had eyes everywhere.


He eyed her laptop and shrugged, feeling silly about only having time to grab a notebook. It was rather hard to run with a laptop and leather trousers.


"Fuck off," he said, with a saucy smile, winking as he took the pen.


"Cost me?" He raised a brow before his eyes narrowed. That sweet tone warned him something was off with that arrangement. She did not need his money. "Awe, I do rather hope you're not going to extort me for oral sex. Damned feminists." His tone was cheeky, but the look in his eyes suggested he might not be opposed to such an agreement. Besides, he had found that if you went down on a girl, she almost always would get you off too. Anyway, getting in the panties was half the battle.


"And nor am I going on a date with some random ugly friend, the notes aren't worth that much," he added, pointing the pen at her and then turning his attention to the lecture. They were apparently going to watch some film about women's roles in WWII.


Fucking grand.


"Nudge me if I fall asleep, yeah?" he asked.

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It was difficult not to chuckle at Bev's mention of being a secret weapon. She did adore the jocks who had quite a bit more stamina to offer her until she could squeeze the very last drop out of them [energy of course]. “I would never dream of it. I got some money riding against Cambridge.” The red-haired girl whispered rather cheekily wondering if Bev really was the lynchpin for the Oxford Row Crew's downfall.


Her eyes twinkled with amusement as he told her to fuck off and accepted the offered pen. It is more than likely that he would be saying something quite similar but replacing “off” with “me”, but she kept her thoughts to herself. There was a glimmer of mischief at the mention of oral sex and she nibbled on her bottom lip. “I do not usually need to extort people to get some oral sex, but it could be a rather delicious game I would imagine.”


The superficial remark did get another roll of the eyes as she retorted, “I would not be so unkind to my friends to force them on such a date just to get their hearts broken.” The lights were dimming down so people could keep their eyes on the screen. It was a rather perfect opportunity to tease Bevs who was sitting beside her. She subtly leaned against him and placed her hand on his thigh as she whispered in his ear, “I wonder if I could figure out a way to get you to not fall asleep.” Then she lightly flicked the tip of her tongue against his earlobe before moving back to lean into her own seat, the hand removed but still warm from where she touched him.

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Bevs had to cover his mouth to keep his snort-like chuckle from being audible to the professor.


"Probably quite intelligent of you," he whispered back, in not offering him to her friends. Not unless what her friends needed was to get laid.


The lights went down, and they were near the back corner. He was not expecting her to start teasing him.


"Oh," escaped his lips in surprise. "Heh, you would have to keep my attention." He looked at her in the dark and ran his lips together, his legs spreading a bit wider of their own accord.


If there was one thing good about leather, it was that it transferred touch and heat well.


Then she pulled away. "You bloody tease." He squirmed a bit in his seat. His cock was already hard, running up the crease in his leathers and quite visible. With a little grin, he reached over and used the pen to surreptitiously caress her nipple. "C'mon, we can have a little more fun than watching this thing," he whispered to her with promise.

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None of Alexandra's friends were interested in a quick shag, in fact a majority of them wanted well and meaningful relationships while she just wanted to have fun. No regrets. Who wanted to wallow around while fingers were being pointed and people were being judged. She did what she wanted, when she wanted all the while calculating exactly what she could get away with. “I have my moments.” She replied back teasingly.


One of the most attractive and strongly aphrodisiac things about what a man could do is completely enjoy what their partner had in mind. The soft 'oh' that escaped from Bev made her more excited than actually being caressed. She should be paying attention to the video, but having someone like Bevs there squirming and ready was honestly too irresistible to completely ignore. It did not mean she had to give in so easily however often enjoying the hunt better than finding a quick release. She was prone to play with her food.


His promise made her almost giggle as he ran her pen across her nipple as if paying her back for the bulge that was already forming. “Then two of us will need to find notes on this.” She said as she leaned back and crossed her arms as if she was playing the cold fish after playing the hot fox. “Plus, I don't think you can handle me, darling. My god, what if our families find out and start arranging our marriage...” She wrinkled her nose knowing she had entirely too much still to do before even thinking of settling down. It was all about discretion with her and even though she knew Beverley and his family, it did not mean he was very good at keeping a secret. Despite how free she thought sexually, it was all behind closed doors where the true fun begins. Well unless she was with a real sexual dynamo who would attempt to seduce and take her there bringing her to orgasm in a class full of people.


Of course, having such thoughts made her blush and even entertaining the idea while also wondering why she didn't wear a skirt to class this afternoon. It was all rhetorical, but Alexandra's own imagination fueled by her curiosity and mischievous nature had her wondering what exactly Bev would be up for.

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Beverley had no desire for relationships. He did not have the time, and he did not have the mind for wooing women in that way. He simply did not have the attention-span for that, nor the seriousness in general.


"That's not a problem," he said, about the notes. He knew more than one girl in this class.


"I don't think you can handle me." He sat back in his chair and smirked at her. "And marriages are not arranged these days; after all, Wills married a bloody commoner on his own, so can all of the rest of us."


He licked his lips, "You're just scared of getting caught fooling about in class." He shook his head, "I'm not."


There was challenge in his tone, but he looked back up at the screen, one leg stretched out lackadaisically.

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Thankfully in that regard the both were on the same page and she managed to relax a bit more especially when he mentioned that her excuse was not a problem which made her bit down on her bottom lip in contemplation. A brow rose as he challenged her as he sat back and smirked at her.


“Tell that to my grandfather. I swear if he finds the right man to ‘tame’ me, he will perhaps even consider paying for everything and even giving away some money in some form of primitive dowry. Honestly, I am not old and I can’t understand why he thinks I need to settle down so quickly.”


Her blue-green eyes gleamed as she continued to size Beverley up as he kept egging her on. There were a few things she was afraid of, but honestly public sex was really not one of them whether they were in a class room or not. Just tricky, but so exciting that they would not get caught, of course that and logistically it was a nightmare.


Fingertips were placed upon his stomach, lazy circles about his belly button knowing that this situation might end up with him getting uncomfortable and embarrassed, there was also a spark of curiosity to know if he could ‘handle it.’ It would be rather hilarious if Bevs was a rather noisy lover and even if they were stuck in the corner in a dark room filled with students watching a boring documentary, there was still a chance that someone might notice them. For now, she decided to be subtle and see just how worked up she could get him as the fingertips lifted up a bit of shirt and gently scratched his skin with her fingernails.

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If Beverley had any reservations at all, it was because he did not wished to get kicked out of the boat club if he was caught. He could really rather care less what people thought, most times. He had fucked in parks before. There was a nice thrill of getting nicked.


Their two seats were quite close, so it was not hard to have a hand in each other's lap without too much awareness of what was going on. Beverley had tossed his jacket on the half-desk so it hung down rather obscuring the view of what was going on underneath the desk.


He reached his own hand down toward her thigh and then up between her legs. Two could play at this game.


As the documentary went on with speaking of women nurses, with much dramatic screaming from trauma surgery in the background. Beverley cleared his throat and swallowed. He was quite hard now. A fact very obvious in leather pants.

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Alexandra was not entirely sure if she was going to get kicked out, but she always liked to keep a very conservative perspective to her life in case it ever got back to her grandfather. He was the world to her and she never wanted to disappoint him especially because he as well as her cousin was the only family left. Plus there were a lot of charities and such that she maintained that made sure that she was a very well-behaved miss and her personal life was always hands off. She liked privacy and that was perhaps the most important reason why she did not go around smutting about with every soul that owned a pair of human legs.


Their little corner will definitely get rather moist and heated being so close already, but she ignored the documentary and the people around them as she crept closer while his hand went from the top of her thigh towards her inner thighs making her eyes close as she felt herself melting. There was really no way to get the leather pants off of the guy, so as Bevs worked her over, she made sure to create as much heat and sensation to set him off.


Fingertips slid down his obvious reaction to her ministrations and as he basically screamed out in body language that he was willing to play such a game to what end no one knew at this particular moment, she leaned over casually and gently bit his neck and nibbled upwards to tug on his earlobe with her teeth. “Are you sure you can handle it? I deal with doing everything with no regrets.” The tone teasing and amused as she nipped on the sensitive shell of his ear with her soft lips while her hand continued to pet that beast encased in leather.

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Beverley let out a snort as she continued talking. Women, they were always talking. He continued to tease her with a smirk on his face.


Chewing on the inside of his mouth kept him quiet as she rubbed at him. He grew very hard and was enjoying it far more than the film being shown. By the time class was over, though, his face was a bit pale and clammy. His blood was clearly down below, showing a nice bulge in his trousers.


He was ready to praise God and thank the professor for wrapping up by the time they were dismissed.


"Come on," he said to Alexa, reaching for her hand to head rushing out the door. He fully intended on continuing this in the closest place possible. He would take her up against a tree if he had to, provided there wasn't a horde of people around. Beverley had no desire for his naked butt to show up in a tabloid again. His father had smacked him silly and given him twelve of the best the last time.



(OOC - trying to sneak in a few smuts!)

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It was fun to play with Beverley with the lights off and both trying not to make a sound to give away what exactly they were doing. A bit of disappointment flickered across her expression when the class was over just as they were getting to a great point. She was relieved that he did not have an over eager accident in his leather pants knowing that would be a pain to clean up or explain if not rather embarrassing. Alexandra made it a point to tease just enough but not to get him too excited to blow his load too soon.


With the lights on, her work was writ all over Beverley’s pale face and she could not help, but smile mischievously while gathering her books, and laptop not wanting anything to get pilfered in her carelessness. Her eyes widened in surprise as he grabbed her hand while his eagerness and lust seemed to excite her greatly as she sling the slick bag over her shoulder to follow him out. “Not the broom closet and I do not do bathrooms…” she hissed softly having had bad experiences for both and looked for an empty classroom or even the library. Ooo…the library!


“Come on, Bevs…this way,” she said now taking the lead briskly walking towards the Bodleian knowing of a few dimly lit areas that might suit their needs as long as they were quiet and there weren’t as many students in the various reading rooms. At least she had a reader’s card and maybe he did too, but she knew that she could have one guest and there shouldn't be any problems well except for the security, cameras along with random staff and students that might burst in at any moment. “If you are able to keep quiet, maybe we can make a go at it at the Bodleian. Unless you have any other suggestions…or want to wait until we can go back to my flat.”

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Raging lust did not feel good in leather trousers and nor did hastily making it to the Bodleian. He would have taken a bush at that point. He hurried along though and into the building, through shelves, and to a rather desolate area.


As soon as he was reasonably sure they would not be set upon, and looked up to see if anything looked like a camera, he pressed her against the wall and leaned in to kiss her greedily.


He rubbed himself up against her and let out a deep sigh of appreciation.


His hand then went between her legs, rubbing insistently to reignite her from his teasings earlier in the classroom.


"Mmm, I want to bend you over," he moaned into her ear and then gave her arse a firm grab.

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Despite her promiscuous and rather adventurous nature, Alexandra still had standards and would never sex someone up in a bathroom stall or bush knowing how easily it was to get caught in certain places. Above all, she wanted to keep a pristine reputation hating to disappoint her grandfather especially if she ended up in the tabloids. However, she could not resist continuing what they started right in dark classroom and now in a nearly deserted library.


It seemed that he had the same mind as it looked as if he was checking for cameras as she nipped at the nape of his neck and then playfully danced away until they found a rather quiet place. Immediately, he pressed himself up against her and kissed her which she appreciated and returned with vigor and enthusiasm. He began rubbing himself against her and it excited her as much as he seemed to appreciate it. A gasp escaped as his hands went between her legs and she squirmed at first but began to rub up against his hand causing the friction and pressure that she enjoyed to get her panting for more.


A moan of her own escaped as he grabbed her arse and she was panting to catch a breath as she turned about in his arms and purred softly, “as you wish.” All the while she pressed her lush bottom against his groin and began to wiggle using something other than her hands to rub him. “You going to be able to get those things off?” She asked then chuckling a little as she attempted to loosen her own clothes wishing she was wearing a skirt knowing it could have been easily hiked up about her waist and her panties pushed to the side. It was damnable how elusive foresight was, but she never imagined having a fling with anyone in class let alone Bevs.

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Where there was a will, there was a way. When you were a young, randy Saint-Leger, you found or made a way. He had caught his parents having sex enough. He was already unzipping himself and pushing the leather a bit down his hips, his boxers keeping it from catching on his skin. He pulled himself out as she shimmied her clothes down her hips.


There was not much rationality, just a burning need after being teased.


Yes, he was the sort that carried shrink wrap about with him, because the last thing he wanted was some girl claiming he'd gotten her pregnant. He ripped it and rolled it on.


As soon as she was ready, he slid between her folds and inside of her. The necessary closeness of her thighs making it quite the snug fit. He leaned forward to nip at her ear as he started to thrust steadily, at least at first.


The library was a place for a quickie, so it was not long before he was speeding up. He reached his hand around the front of her to rub at her clit and reached the other around and up to squeeze her breast.


"Well if I had known you were this fun," the heir said, chuckling between stifled grunts and then giving a please "oooh" in her ear.

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Quickies were wonderful to just blow off a bit of steam and to get right back to business. She also love the weekends with just being naked and thinking up ways to torture them with pleasure until they are begging for more and their toes are curled with a need for a release. She stayed close with those that could please her and quickly avoided those that were not worth more than a warm bath and a good book to read. Why waste your time with terrible and selfish lays when you could find people of like mind with an ego to ensure that pleasure was shared?


The worst would be getting pregnant or even worse some nasty VD that a douche did not care to mention or even protect her against. Gallantry had definitely been chucked by the wayside. Of course, she was always of the mind that she could do everything herself and even better than a man at times, but that was for another time and an entirely different discussion.


As soon as she felt him sliding inside, she felt her body shudder with pleasure while trying to accommodate him. She was excited and wet from all of their foreplay back in the dark classroom and she wanted him to keep going. Slow at first to allow her to adjust and then soon he was pounding against her and she was clenching and bracing herself while he reached around to tease her clit and squeezing her breast. When she had a rhythm going, she even managed to snake her hand to give his scrot a massage not being able to really do much in her current position.


She could not help but chuckle at his comment causing her muscles to tighten as she gave him the proper resistance they both needed. “Well if everyone knew, it would not have been a very good secret now would it?” She growled softly and then moaned, but quickly cut it off by biting down on her bottom lip. Her body was feeling hot, and she was panting to catch a breath. That rush started to catch and would soon overwhelm her as it rose higher and higher with each thrust causing her cheeks, shoulders and knees to flush and her eyes to close. “God….yes.”

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Mr. Potts was a quiet man. He had three loves in his life. He loved a good scone, he loved his quiet, and most of all, he loved his books. There had never been any doubt in his or his family's mind what would become of the man as a child. He had always loved the written word to distraction, more passionately than he'd ever loved a woman (or man for that matter), and what better way than to ensure he was constantly surrounded by books than by becoming a librarian? Well, none. It had not been an easy road, young Potts had slaved away for most of his young life on degree after degree, worked his way up from small country public libraries, scraped and starved and saved for the most highly collectible books which he now kept under lock and key in a hidden safe in his flat. And look where he was now! One of the finest libraries in one of the most respected institutions of learning in the world.


He had not gotten there by not being diligent. "Brilliant, finally got out of the library for a turn, I see, seeing the world," he lovingly whispered to a book he held in his hand, from a seldom visited section of books. The bespectacled man held a large stack in one arm, and the individual tome in his other hand as he conversed with it as though it were an old friend, and really, it was as close to a friend as he had. "Always good to return home, though, I always say. Nothing like it after a long trip."


He reached the far end of the aisle where he knew the volume usually rested and took in quite a scene down the aisle, though he did not process it immediately, unexpected as it was. Certainly not.... his eyes were cast downward a moment to the stack of books, then the realization that what he had seen might very well have been real dawned upon him, he sputtered, dropped the books, and looked up once more, taking off his spectacles and beginning to wipe them with his shirt as though they were somehow at fault for the image of the two young people....copulating at the end of his row, sexually harassing his beloved books.

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If Mr Potts thought Robert Saint-Leger, viscount of the umpteenth order and stroke of the rowing, was going to quit before he finished (or even that he noticed the man), he was quite wrong.


He thrust hard again and again, at that point of no return where his awareness of things was quite limited, and then with a stifled grunt that sounded more like a growl pounded into her one last time as his fingers swirled around her wet little nub. He finished, shuddering.


Breathing heavy against her neck, he pulled out, the covering loaded as he shrunk. When he looked around for the bin was when he noticed their audience with books scattered at his feet..


"Don't look now we have company," he whispered to Alexa. He tucked himself into his leather, condom and all, although that would prove to be quite the mess later he was sure.


"Might I help you with those books, sir?" It was said innocently, as if begging for a pardon and some secrecy.

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Hindsight was 20/20 and if Alexandra was actually thinking about anything more than a quick shag to shake up her day she might have felt bad for Mr. Potts. Her eyes were closed finding that it made all of the sensations and noises even more intensified as she braced herself with each thrust causing the sensations to mix and culminate into a tension that threatened to explode.


His grunting and growling and his fingers, god his fingers all threw her over the point of no return and she felt him shudder and finish inside of her. She felt his hot breath against her neck and she turned her head to bit his earlobe wondering if he was any good at going slow. It had her wondering if he was a one-night stand type or the type to try various different romps with the same skirt. Before she could ask however, she heard him mention that the two of them had company that had her groan a little as she tensed.


As soon as Beverley addressed the librarian, Alexandra clamped her mouth shut already feeling the giggles wanting to escape. One more reason why she should have started wearing skirts for the entirety of this semester, awkwardly, she attempted to right her pants as if it was a natural occurrence all the while making share that her embarrassment was not clearly written across her face. However, she could not help the blush that was creeping up her neck and cheeks as she used Robert’s frame to hide herself while trying not to look as if she was hiding.


“We should get out of here before he recovers long enough to call security,” she managed to whisper as she grabbed his hand. “Come on, let’s go. Maybe we can find a place to shower.”

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