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Sons and Fathers | Notes for Brooke

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(I figured it's easier to have all the notes they leave for each other at the house or send to each other in one place Hope no one minds)


3rd May, early evening


At some point in the early evening, the following arrived at Brooke house from Beverley to his father by one of the pages in Rupert's office where the viscount had written it.


Papa, I do not wish for you and mother to worry or wait for me before retiring. I shall be late tonight accompanying some friends for drinks.


My love & respect, etc.


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With a sigh Brooke flipped back the note on his desk, leaning back in his leather chair. It was disappointing to say the least, that his warning in regards to the lady O'Roarke had not gone heeded. He could not allow his son's descent into the libertine world, with their carnal pleasures, irresponsible indulging in drugs and drink, without a care in the world. He had other plans for his son, needed to ensure that Beverley would be able to meet his responsibilities once he was gone, safeguarding the estate and taking care of the family.


A dark deep frown had furrowed itself on his forehead as he pulled open the desk drawer, and retrieved the rod that had been there for a good 4 years. He swished it experimentally, noting its flexibility. Then he looked around his study, nodding to himself as he decided how he would address his son on the morrow. It seems that once more I must press the point.

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Beverley left the following note for his father before going to see his mistress:


My lord,


I have necessity of meeting with someone over ordnance so will be very late in the Minories.




He figured the cryptic meaning would be quite clear. It was no meeting for Rupert with anyone about ordnance. It was that he was going to see his mistress in the Minories by where the ordnance was held, but he did not wish to leave a not to the effect that his mother might end up seeing. The young viscount hoped his father was quite proud of his foresight and clever double entendre.


What Beverley did not realize was that there was a complete other level of double entendre present. He would surely be shooting off some cannon that night!


After that was hastily scribbled:


I am sure you already read my correspondence, but Lord Worcester wishes us for dinner tomorrow. What shall I reply? Will 9 o'clock suit you? I am to return from Parliament with Lord Newcastle to see Lady Frances, and 9 is a very regular hour.

(:D LOL)

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