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Taking sides


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Danby paced his office with one arm crossed over his chest and one elbow resting on it, his long fingers reaching up to tap at his chin. He was not sleeping well. Although his blasted impeachment had been pushed to committee, he knew it would not die there. Impeachment proceedings rarely died there or if they did they went along with one losing one's position. Neither was an attractive option to the Lord Treasurer, and he was determined to come out of this better.


One of the most useful men of his fold was standing there watching, waiting.


"So what of this Talbot fellow you told me of before?" Danby asked.


"I have not been able to come across him, but he is an enemy of Buckingham and has spoken against him before...using questionable tactics."


"Any who are an enemy of Buckingham should be a friend to me now. Find him and bring him to me. Perhaps he may be useful. Or perhaps he would like to try the same tactic with Shaftesbury as a target. If anything, it should sufficiently annoy them both, most especially Buckingham."


"As you wish," the greying blond replied.


"And continue searching for those the duke and his Country Party friends have wronged."


A nod and a bow followed before the man left.


Danby picked up his drink. The King wished this Titus Oates business laid to rest. Williamson was announcing it an out and out sham that was not worth bothering over. Danby could not lay it to rest, though, it was the only matter keeping mouths from solely yapping about him. The Northern Secretary was further annoying the opposition by refusing the business about Oates and annoying the opposition only hurt Danby. It might be time to find what he could on the spymaster. If there was another to attack, the teeth would loosen their hold from his own body.

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