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The Last Supper (Evening of the 16th)


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Sans Judas, the other twelve were there. The cave was dank, but the small fire brought welcome heat. Events were happening upon the Thames as each man finished the soup in silence.


The sound of horses being readied filled the cave. Faithful sons of the Church saw that saddlebags were full of provisions. Each of the men who dubbed themselves disciples had plans to ride towards a different destination. They would meet again in 30 days, God willing, at the safe house of the Order. Thirty days would be sufficient to allow events to settle and to allow each Jesuit to return with less notice.


In the distance, there were faint sounds of explosion. Each man suspended his eating to cock his head at an angle. It did not sound like cannon fire, nor fireworks.


"It is best if we were to leave now," came the sage advice of the one called Peter. "God be with you all."


One of the men slurped the rest of the soup from his bowl before wiping his mouth with a meaty hand. The rest were in the process of pulling their cowls over their head, and standing. Servants came forward to assist each of the Jesuits onto their horses. Five men rode from one exit from the cave, while another five chose the other, leaving Peter alone in his thoughts for the moment.


"Time for you all to leave," he commanded the handful of faithful servants. "Burn everything that you cannot take with you in this moment. Remember, if you are captured and questioned, resist as long as you can and then reveal the place we have told you. God watch you all."


"God go with you Father," came the response of a teenage boy with zeal in his eyes. Peter mounted his horse, pulling back his cowl momentarily as he took one last look around the cave to insure he had left nothing important behind. Another youth came rushing into the Jesuit's presence. "Father! There has been some sort of attack on the King and Queen's yacht!"


There was a long pause as Peter rearranged the cowl over his head, hiding his face from casual perusal. He turned towards the fire and the firelight reflected briefly in his dark eyes. "I shall pray for them." With that, he nudged his horse forward and into the night.

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