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Uninvited Guests at Windsor


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The que to pass the gates into the castle stretched for many yards. It didn't seem to move any faster with a blind man at the front of the line, or at least what appeared to be a blind man, his brother and sister. The guards had turned away countless commoners who had hoped to enter the castle and gawk at the royal spectacle. This trio seemed to be no better, yet they had a paper inviting them into the castle.


The Sergeant of the Guard came forward to inspect the papers and found them in order. The seal of Prince Rupert was well-known to the guard that served him. Somehow, these commoners had orders sealed by the Duke of Cumberland himself. The sergeant stared into the milky eyes of the blind man. He was either blind, or an albino.


"Let them pass," he ordered. The pale blind man pulled the cowl further over his head to protect against the sunlight that was now only appeared from behind a cloud. With a big man on one side of him and a pretty woman on the other, the man with the colorless eyes moved forward. Strangely, a sly smile appeared on his face as he limped into the castle.

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The stolen jewelry spread out on the bedsheet was pretty, and was of significant value; but, was not the primary reason for coming to Windsor. There were other criminal opportunities for handsome pay between the French, Spanish, and English spymasters, There was also the matter of one rival.


"Lady Mountjoy is often in the company of the princess. Lord Mountjoy spends considerable time with her. He is rarely alone," came the report of his pretty set of eyes. "Now's not the time to do something stupid Flint."


It was a stern look that the albino gave her in return. "I never do anything stupid," he reminded her. "If opportunity does not present itself here, then we shall wait for another opportunity." There was a sigh as he affixed the signet ring in his hand to the soft wax of the three letters. Handing one sheet to each of his accomplices and keeping one for himself, he explained "now you have absolute freedom of movement at Windsor, signed and sealed by the Constable of Windsor himself." There was a malevolent chuckle as Mister Flint was putting to use the ring that he had stolen from Prince Rupert so long ago.


"The other lady we discussed," came the voice of his male accomplice. "She leaves the castle in light company and would be easy to trick into our clutches. I would imagine that she would fetch a fine ransom."


"Yes, that game has a small prize, but if she falls into our lap, I suppose we take it," Flint observed quietly. He wished for bigger game, thinking his brillance underutilized for petty crime. Yet, bigger prizes required a bit of luck to go his way, though he would be loathe to admit that any success was due to luck.

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