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A Band of Brothers [ Mid Morning, 14th of May 1676]


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"Oh, not you too James," Charles sighed as he walked out of the palace into the Volary Garden. He liked feeding the birds and the fact that some of the ladies in waiting had their rooms looking out over it was a bonus. Now they were just the ladies in waiting to the Duchess of York, and subsequently frequently sleeping with his brother. The King made cooing sounds to the parrots.


"I am serious about this Charles," his brother complained, his dour face briefly lightening up as he waved to one of the girls in the apartments above. She was not very pretty, but she had the most amazing long legs and a very flexible body. When his brother arched an eyebrow the Duke looked away guiltily. I wonder what he has done to earn such a homely penance, the monarch thought, not for the first time.


"Tell me, is it your priests that complain about the debauchery of the Life Guard," the King remarked critically "They are just young men that want to enjoy themselves. I don't see the harm. They are still loyal to us."


"I will tell you what the harm is," James started hotly, his temper getting the better of him. In this he was the opposite of the ever calm Charles Stuart "The military readiness of the regiment is weakened, while the support of the populace of allowing them to even be in London is lessened. What if the situation in the country takes a turn for the worse. Who will protect us then? Do you honestly think that a second regiment in London will be enough to turn the tide?"


The ghost of their father hung above them, suddenly pressing on Charles' shoulders. It was a memory that never left him. They had sworn, James and he, to stay in control of England always, for their father's sake maintaining the monarchy. "You are just angry that Jemmy is positioning himself to lead the Life Guard again," he snapped a little impatient, wishing that for once his son and his brother would work for a common purpose so he wouldn't be in the middle. His family was giving him a headache.


"Well, what if I am," James bristled "You promised me Charles, that he would not be in a position to take control if the unthinkable happens."


"Now, now, you are still my heir," a weary King reassured his brother "I have broken no promises. I will consider your points, very carefully. All shall come to right." James sighed and rolled his eyes, but knew he would get nothing more out of the King today. Charles didn't like to make decisions and would wriggly out of making them any time of the day.

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