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Charles Rex and the Privy of Secrets


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Somewhere in the Palace on a sunny afternoon


Grrr. Grr. PING.


The machine that had been grinding its way through the rails halted, cheerily announced by the sounding of a small bell. Master Douglas noted absent-mindedly that the various wheels needed a little extra oiling so as not to draw the constant attention of people beyond the room. "You see Your Majesty," his companion explained as he opened the door again "We are now seeing an entirely different room beyond this door."


"Yes," Charles nodded, "I can see that master Adams, a privy. We must admit that is brilliant, a closet room, revolving into a privy. What spy would ever expect the Kingdom's secrets to be gathered here, eh? "


If Master Adams was aware of any ironic intent he made no visible acknowledgement of it, beaming at his liege "It is all into the levers you see, clever engineering. We solved the odour problem too, with no less than 42 ingredients, including a water trap and ash."


"42, you don't say, " Charles Rex repeated, impressed at least with the man's diligence, if nothing else. He put his hands behind his back as he dared to throw a look inside, wondering if the room had been properly tested.


"Well, gentlemen, congratulations. We must say it is ingenious. The answer to life, the universe and everything," the King sighed. He signalled May. It was time for the next petitioner.


The inventors Douglas and Adams bowed out, hissing to each other about the mistakes the other made in the presentation. Somehow they felt they had not made a sale today.

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