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"Milady, is there no way I can persuade you.." the voice of the manservant trailed away as he peered at her in the dark of the stable.


"No," she sounded firm, the secret smile not visible in the dark. With relish she insisted on saddling up her mount herself, pulling firmly at the leather.


"But your husband..."


"Will pretend it is outrageous and then be glad I did it," she countered. The servant sighed, not quite of the same opinion. Her ladyship was going against the direct order of his lordship, not something any of the servants ever dared for fear of his swift and ruthless correction. Ignoring the servant she was checking her saddle bags.


"Milady, your health..."


"Is as good as it has ever been," she declared haughtily as with a mighty swing she lifted herself into the saddle. That would never have worked had she not been dressed like a man in travelling clothes, her soft leather breeches been made to order. "Out of my way.." With a spur in the side of the horse she stormed out the stable and into the dark of the night, with the pink at the horizon heralding dawn. With a sigh the guard took to his saddle and followed her. Not doing so would be even worse once his master found out.

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