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The Quiet Days [3rd - 6th of May]


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Lottery sales went higher and higher., but of the negotiations one heard very little as they went into the serious phase. France was said to offer a sizeable dowry both in gold and land in their recent Italian conquests. This was matched only by the Austrians, while the hold of the French over the King was said to be greater. However the Princess Pfalz of the Rhine did well in gathering support among the populace, including some anonymous donors among mercantile circles that enlarged her dowry so as to be able to compete. Then there were the intrigues of the Duchess of Savoy who plotted against all candidates to give her niece a chance. Predictably the King escaped all these deep into the night talks, taking only the Dukes of York and Monmouth with him, each royal on his own yacht so that they could hold some pleasurable races.


Meanwhile in London the anger of the populace over the French Jesuits who had burned down several churches in London and almost had caused the capital once again to go up in flames, was reaching a fever pitch. The sessions of the Commons devoted a large part of their time to denouncing rhetoric. It was a victorious time for the Whigs, who allowed the Banking Bill to pass but the rest of the time was spent in heated debate on Exclusion which was not yet brought to a vote for it was an issue on which the Lords had not yet spoken. Wisely the speaker of the House of Lords decided to delay the session of the Lords till after the King had announced his choice of bride, so that perhaps this political storm would lie down a little. Rumour spread that the Earl of Norfolk had gone so far as to take the Test Oath and partake in Anglican communion, yet another one to denounce his faith for political gain. In an attempt to stem the tide of hatred towards Catholics rumours were spread that the deaths of both the Archbishop of Canterbury and the death of the Papel Legate had been the works of Puritan radicals operating at the edges of the Whig party. It was even said that General Asher Graas, one of Cromwell's generals, had been seen in London.


After the rescue of Lady Rebecca it was high time someone cleaned out the Port. After the efforts of the Life Guard action was taken towards the entire dock area, where more crimes were suspected. Under protest of the merchants several smuggling rings were flushed out after reports to the proper authorities and more than once ship was seen hurriedly leaving London for safe shores. While the lower authorities were busy with their cleaning work the rising of a new company to keep order in the streets, Langdon's company, was progressing with due speed which did not go unnoticed in certain quarters. They would have to take their own measures to protect their interests. The False King meanwhile was still rotting in the Tower, with rumours that His Majesty had ordered an investigation into Scotland.


A petition was sent to the King by several Trade Tycoons from the Royal Exchange to stop the hindrance on the economy that was the closure of the coffeeshops, which had only led crime to take over trade more and more and such unfortunate incidents as the auction of English citizens. Allowing merchants to operate in daylight where all might see was far more preferable.


From the far reaches of the Kingdom word that the price of wool was steadily going up due to a growing Scottish rebellion. There was speculation too of a similar uprising threatening in Wales for it had been noted duly that there was an increase of Welsh courtiers that surely had come with a reason to the center of power that was London.

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