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Virginia's Saving Grace (April 27)

Guest Temperance

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“Oh no.” Virginia gnawed worriedly at her lower lip as she lifted the baby into her arms. “Oh no, dear lord, please no. This can’t be happening. I can’t loose this job now!” Carrying the child to the window she caught one of his hands and inspected it worriedly. The hand was swollen and the skin was an alarming hue of red, although thankfully the child didn’t seem to be in any pain.


“Why is this happening again?” She hushed the baby absently as she stared out of the window, trying to think. This wasn’t the first time the baby’s arms had swollen like this.


The first time had been after she had let Timothy in to let him kiss her for a bit and maybe rubbed a bit against him to entice him to stop dragging his feet and finally pop the question. They had both known that they both might get fired if the lady ever learned of it, but it had been late and no one except her and the cleaning maid ever went to the nursery.


The second time when her brother had come by with a small package from home on his way to London where he had found job on a ship as a sailor.


And now this. There had been nothing out of the ordinary about yesterday. She had played with the child, bathed him, fed him. Virginia gasped and looked down at the child in her arms, suddenly realising the one common factor that tied all the events together. At least she now knew the baby wasn’t in any grave danger, but she would still be fired from her job if the lady found out it was her fault. Shifting the baby against her other shoulder Virginia gnawed on her lip again. She couldn’t afford to loose this job! Not now! But she didn’t see any other way this situation might solve itself either.


But she would make sure she had a bit of a nest egg to help her out when she was fired. Touching her finger to the baby’s red swollen palm a plan slowly started forming in her head. Tomorrow she decided, kissing the baby’s forehead gently. She’d talk to her priest tomorrow.

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