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Isabeau - Christmas Future

Isabeau Everhart

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[-ooc – Having read though all your offerings, I couldn’t help but offer my own little insight into a possible future of The Ego. ]


Christmas Future


Sprawled out on the penthouse floor, Izzy flicked through the latest issue of Grazia. There was little to hold her interest until she reached the photo’s of herself. Some would say her fame was not borne of any great talent, though Izzy would be quick to disagree. The life of an it girl was not as easy as some would have you believe, being famous for simply being famous, was bloody hard work. If you didnt get tabloid space your reign was over; it was a never ending whirl of partying, talking the talk, persuading others to pay your bills, and being a trend setter . The art was making others believe you were important was not easy, but for Izzy it seemed to come naturally. There was such a forceful confidence in her own sense of self-importance that others just seemed to fall into line and queue up to adore her.


With a wanton smile she admired the perfect angles of her own body, taking private satisfactionfrom the fact that unlike some of her rivals she had so far avoided botox or any other cosmetic enhancements. For now at least, the time would be come when perfection would begin to fade and she would follow in the path of others – deluding herself that the surgeons knife could keep her looking young forever and no one would ever be able to guess how she managed it. But it was always so obvious, and smiling always seemed the greatest give away as muscles that should have softened began to hold steadfast.


The series of photo’s, each accompanied by a large green tick, declared the outfits she had been snapped in that week were a hit. Whilst, even more flattering the page next to it offered advice on how the reader could achieve the same look. But she knew anyone who tried would only ever be a poor imitation, for it was impossible to improve on perfection.


Shifting her attention to The Sun, she flicked through until she found evidence of herself again in the gossip section, this time clad in a santa dress, as low cut as it was short, with a caption asking which lukcy fella would be unwrapping this christmas present? There was a close up of her finger, circling the larage engagement ring there and rumours linking her to a Premier League Football star. It was all nonsense of course, but at Christmas you had to put a little extra effort into making sure that the little people didnt forget you. The ring she had purchased herself, via a friend, but the paper had made the link to the footballer all by itself. She’d never met the man, but when was that ever a reason to put pay to gossip that increased your own publicity. And he was her type, blonde and buff, and ifthey chance ever arose she doubted she’d say no or kick him out of bed of leaving crumbs in it. Well, at least not for the first week anyway. After that, she’d probably be bored and looking around for a new plaything.


The buzz of the blackberry, laying on the floor beside her, forced her attention away from the beautiful imagery on the page. The deep baritone of her agent on the other end was a blur of sycophantic flattery, not that he believed it but because keeping the clients happy and deluded by there own sense of self-importance was the best way to make money from them. He was just checking in, confirming that Hello would be publishing her story in the New Year Edition. It wouldnt be the lead story, but she would be on the cover as an added allure showing off her latest acquisition. ‘Lady Izzy invites us to share Hera- Grace’s first christmas.’ And there on the cover was the beauiful family portrait. Isabeau lay sprawled out on the bed, her arms around of little Zeus , (acquired from an African orphange after an sizeable donation) cuddling his new Vietenemese baby sister Hera-Grace. The children were with their nanny now, enjoying the spoils of a priveleged life while Izzy generally kept out of their way. Rescusing them from poverty was her gift, but family life was not really for her. It was too messy by far!


When they did make family trips they were all smiles for the photographers, who (thanks to tip offs) were always around when they needed to be. Which reminded her, she had an appointment to keep – it was time to pick up the children and enjoy a carefully choregraphed trip to see santa. The trick was trying to appear like you wanted secrecy, protecting the children, whilst making sure the paparazzi got the shots they needed to keep you in the public eye. If she kept this up Izzy well imagined by next Christmas she could be in line for being crowned Celeb Mum of the Year, and what a lovely present that would be for the children.

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