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Ghost of Christmas Future



"Where the hell did you run off to, Xandra?" A gruff voice conveying concern, frustration and anger through the slender cellphone. "And you better not have used the Ducati, you know how dangerous it is. By God, I do not care how old you are or how independent you may feel but you are still my granddaughter. I-I will cut you off."


A small smile escaped hearing the line that her grandfather always used when he was trying to rein in his unruly granddaughter. "Grandpapa, you know Granny gave me enough money to start my own business, and I also sing in one of the more prestigious opera houses which allows me to continue living 'comfortably'." Her reply to that line caused the old man to growl at her.


"The Ducati is mine and I use it when I need it. I was late for my appointment, but Evie is following behind in the car with the presents. I will see you when I'm done at the hospital grandpapa and I promise I will not be late. I love you and you better not have brought someone for Christmas dinner, you know how awkward it is, just family and some close friends." Of course, Arthur had many friends and sometimes a small personal Christmas dinner turned into a little over 25. “We will talk soon. Kisses!” Before a response could be heard Alexandra had already hung up the phone.


After locking up her motorcycle, she pulled off her helmet and let her golden red hair escape and fall about her shoulders. Her eyes gazed up at the formidable structure of the Rosewyck Foundation and smiled sadly. I miss you mom and dad. I hope you are proud of me. It was the least she could do after making her first million. The one way that her parents' memories would go on for the greater good.


Before heading inside, she eyed Evie riding in the black towncar and waved at her assistant. Just in time. Alexandra's cheeks were already red from the chill of the air and the rather invigorating ride to the hospital.


“Did you bring everything?” The red-haired woman asked.


“Of course. Made a list and checked it twice.” Evie jested with a bit of laughter as Alexandra rolled her eyes at the cheesiness.


“Well let's get inside then.” The driver having stepped out to help with the 3 bags full of presents as well as her and Evie's outfit as they passed everything out. The holiday spirit was high, Alexandra's eyes sparkled like gems as she carried her own bag and helmet and the rest followed to meet the children.




There were five volunteers as well as herself all the men dressed like nutcrackers and the women as fairies. Her outfit was royal blue with silver tights and matching ballet slippers all of their wings silver from sequins, glitter and thread that cause them to shimmer and sparkle with the lights overhead. After a performance for all the children that had to stay at the hospital over the holidays, presents were passed out to 45 young ones each given a hug, a kiss and something they could call their own.





Later on in the evening after the candle light service, Alexandra had gone home to prepare for the Christmas dinner. She left the motorcycle in the garage not wanting to give her grandfather an aneurysm for Christmas. It was the least she could do right?


Her presents for the family were already under the enormous tree so she had brought her grandfather's favorite wine that her friend, Kane had picked out for him. The man had such good taste and she was always willing to share that with others. She felt that word of mouth was the best sort of advertisement.


She gave hugs and kisses to her family happy to see all of them but groaned inwardly as she noticed someone else coming into the living room from the kitchen and looked pointedly at grandfather. Perhaps giving him an aneurysm would have been fair but knew that it was all something they could joke about later.


The man introduced himself as Matthew Evans and she politely shook his hand as Arthur introduced him as a young D.A. that they had met a couple of months ago. He was quite handsome and strong, not a pansy but someone that took care of himself. She stopped herself from staring and headed towards the dining room.


They all enjoyed a lavish dinner and sang Christmas carols next to a roaring fire. The wine was drunk and they even brought out a card game to play. Alexandra was actually impressed. The man wasn't a complete moron dressed up in a nice suit or even an asshole dressed up as a brown-noser. He sang as loud as the rest of them but not as bad as her cousin Bastian, figured out the card game pretty quickly and seemed quite interested in her.


She was polite and friendly but when he caught her eyes she gave that melting flirty little smile especially when her family were not watching. It was more fun that way. Maybe he might be the one or it might just be the wine. Who honestly knows.

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