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Rebecca Eleanor Halifax

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Christmas Future


"...and Ms Bontemps needs your approval on the play list by the end of the week. I've placed the CD on your office desk."


"No trumpets."


"No, Ms Halifax. Now if you don't mind my saying so, it is well past time for you to get ready for the de Guin's soiree. The car will be here to pick you up at seven and it's currently half past five."


"Already? Thank you, Arthur. You'd best run along, your cousins will be worrying. Happy Christmas."


There was a delicious irony to that phrase. Christmas Eve was never a particularly happy time for Rebecca. During her years as a foster brat there hadn't been anything particularly special about it; like her birthday, it was just another square on the calendar. Nowadays she was simply too busy. Here she was at nearly six in the evening on the 24th, mercifully alone in her studio finishing sketches for her spring fashion shows when she should have been dressing for one of the biggest parties of the season. She was just grateful that she had finished and delivered her other project. Speaking of which... The throwaway cellphone in her pocket buzzed. After a quick glance at the caller ID, Rebecca picked up.


"Hello, John. How are you liking your present?"


"I'd be liking it a lot more if I actually had it. Where are they, Nell?"


"Don't bullshit me, Johnny. George picked them up two days ago and you know it."


"Did he? Now that's a problem, my pretty witty Nell. Y'see, George has his own crew now. I still need those invites by tomorrow."


"Then your problem's with your precious little brother, i'n'it? I don't do pro bono work, if you want a second set made in less then a day that's going to cost one of you a pretty penny. Triple fee for a rush job, just like always, and time and a half on the next one for making me work on Christmas bloody Day. I have got a life outside'a you two, y'know. Text me in the morning if you can't get them back from him."


Clicking the phone shut without another word, Rebecca smirked to herself as she trotted up the spiral staircase to her living quarters. Little did John and George know that she always made at least two of everything. She hadn't gotten to be the go-to forger for impossible jobs by being stupid. Certainly she was more willing to dream big then most of the others, but she never forgot to cover all the bases either.


It was exhausting to juggle two stressful detail-oriented careers, but at least her chosen professions made leading a double life easier. Rebecca Halifax had to go to the de Guin's holiday party. Eleanor Roberts was being dragged to a street race by Olivia Rue a few hours later. They were going clubbing once that was done, but she wasn't sure which personas they were using.. (It was safer to pretend to not be related, so Ruth was having fun seeing how outrageous a thief could get away with being. She had recently gone platinum blonde and was speaking Swedish almost exclusively. She was planning to switch to ginger and some form of Gaelic next.) Being the brilliant designer she was, Rebecca could turn a single dress into three outfits that would match the radically different scenes. A fishnet bodystocking made an excellent foundation for both the long-sleeved cowl neck velvet dress and the sleeveless mini-dress it would eventually turn into. A reversible coat and purse with a tiny make-up kit and a few changes of accessories took care of the rest.


Being in the fashion industry also forced a person to master the art of the quick change. Rebecca was prim and polished in her festive formal finery well before Max's arrival with the car. Securing her leather boots in the hidden storage compartment beneath the seat, she settled in for the drive and texted her sister to confirm their plans for later. This was going to be an interesting night.

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