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Gentleman Spectator (Friday April 24, 1676)

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News from Whitehall


Princesses: Word has it that the King is to announce his selection of a betrothal on May 7th. Speculation remains rampant on the subject, with courtiers noting that only three candidates remain in London -- Mademoiselle Chartres of France, Lady Mignonette de Rovere of Savoy, and Karoline von der Pfalz of the Palatine. The royal lottery has been popular, with tickets being purchased for most all candidates, though the vast majority going for the remaining three. The French candidate seems to have the advantage given the likely vastness of her dowry, and the benefits of closer cooperation with France. The Savoyard remains the most popular with the court itself, enhanced by her willingness to convert to the Anglican faith no doubt. Karoline was seen surrounded by courtiers at a recent card game sponsored by the King. The coolness of relations with the Palatine has not cooled interest in the German princess, despite whispers of her father's bigamy.


The sale of lottery tickets seems to follow the popularity of the various candidates. The Earl of Basildon, Treasurer of the Royal Household and holder of the royal patent for this lottery has been unwilling to disclose the particular results so far, but has reminded us that tickets can still be purchased through his office.


Saint Georges Ceremony


As most in England know, Saint Georges Day has been the most popular day of the year to announce new titles, grants, awards and offices. This year was no exception. Those honored include:


Major Whitehurst of the Life Guard, Lord Langdon, was raised to Earl of Langdon, Baron of Tintagel and made Lord Lieutenant of London. His ward was granted title to Bagshot Park.


Captain Blackheath, was posthumously raised to Earl, and his widow given a pension of 500 pounds a year in remembrance for his sacrifice and ensuring the dead body of the King's son to return home.


Viscount Elmdon was made Baron of Chepstow and granted her castle.


Lord Basildon, was congratulated upon the birth of his son by His Majesty and it was granted a royal charter for the West Indies Company, and granted 1000 acres on Jamaica and 1000 acres on Antigua.


Lord Mountjoy, was granted title to Epping Forest and named Sheriff of Epping.


Master Gosling was granted title to Eyre Forest.


Lord Oakham, is raised to the rank of Colonel in the colonial troops.


The following men were knighted or made Baronets: Isaac Newton, Dr James Winchester, Thomas Boyle, Joseph Williamson (the Northern Secretary), Mr Jaspar Lloyd, Alastair Robertson, Francis de Courtenay, Samuel Chapelhill and John Burgoyne.


Lady Sofia Isabella Castelo, in recognition of her faithful service to the Late Queen, was awarded a house and four acres in Chelsea.


Medals of Bravery are given to the following men for their selfless acts in the face of danger, and rescue of Lady Rebecca Halifax: Master Graas, Lieutenant FitzJames, Major Langdon, Lord Caister-on-Sea, Sergeant Gillis, Captain Hashim.


Medals of Honour were awarded to the Duke of Monmouth and Lord Carrington.


Medals of Charity were awarded to James Winchester, Lady Portsmouth, Lady Alyth, Mrs Gwynn, Lady Montausier, Lord Brynsfield, Lady Hamilton, Lady Elisabeth Finch, Mrs Burnet.




A potential showdown was averted in the House of Lords yesterday as the session was postponed to Monday. On the agenda is a bill for establishment of a Bank of England and redress for the navy. Word has it that the Bank is widely popular, but there is some disagreement on details.


No Word on the Archbishop


The King has yet to name a new Archbishop of Canterbury. Both the Archbishop of York and Bishop of London are known to be campaigning for it.


Rescue on the Quayside


The Life Guard stormed a warehouse of Turkish slavers early in the week. The slavers had kidnapped English girls to sell into slavery abroad. Likewise, they had kidnapped a royal ward, Lady Rebecca Halifax. The slavers resisted mightily, wounding many soldiers, but were vanquished in the end and all innocents were rescued. The officers involved in the rescue were awarded medals of bravery in the St. George Ceremony.


Earl of Arundel's Daughter Rescued


As if it were not enough, the Life Guard rescued the 12 year old daughter of the Earl of Arundel several days earlier. She was being held for ransom.




Word has reached us of a rebellion brewing in Virginia. Farmers wanting to massacre the natives, including the peaceful ones, have revolted against the Governor and have attacked the capital of Williamsburg. Expect soldiers to be sent to the aid of the Governor.

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