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Traitors or Freedom Fighters? [Eve of the 25th of April]


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Five austere men, dressed in muted colours sat around the wooden table. It was an expensive kind of wood and yet it had been left bare safe for a bowl of exotic fruit. The furniture of the house reflected the sober attitudes of its master. Upon a sign of his master, a servant checked all widows before locking them carefully "There is no-one outside, sir," he whispered in the man's ear who nodded. It was a necessary precaution, though one could never be sure of traitors in one's household "Go outside and stand in front of the door. Let nobody approach, not even the King," he ordered briefly, with some irony. Especially not the King.


"Gentlemen," no 1 started, a rotund man with an ageing face "I have called you here to discuss how to go forward. Is there any hope for our carefully placed people in the Commons and Lords to achieve our objectives? Or should other measures be considered?


"I can tell you one thing," no 2, a man with a hawkish nose "We need to do something. One or two more of these interventions in trade, and many of our brethren will not survive. Next they want to tax us, no doubt."


"Without representation," no 3, a thin man, added glumly.


"Of course," said their leader "That is why we are here." He didn't like the obvious to be stated ad naseum. If they wanted to gossip they could have gathered at any one of the illegal coffee houses. "The question is, gentlemen, if what we are doing now is enough to affect change. Is it time to step up our game plan?"


It remained quiet for a long time before they softly spoke of their options.

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