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The Day of Reckoning (April 25)

Guest Temperance

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It was just before dinner time that the door to the King’s drawing room swung open. The three men exiting the room were still deep in discussion, although the rest of the audience with Charles Rex had been adjourned until the following day.


“I do not understand the reason behind all this. Looking at the candidates, its obvious who is most fitting to become queen,” Henry Howard, Earl of Norfolk and Surrey, exclaimed with a shake of his head.


“There are many arguments to be taken into account here. Not just the aspect of the dowry, but also the diplomatic implications it would carry,” came the measured reply from Henry Cavendish, Viscount Mansfield. “These are turbulent times and we need to pay a thought to our allies, present and future.”


“England’s position can only improve from the decision ahead,” Henry Howard interjected.


“It still requires consideration as to which decision would improve the situation most,” John Maitland, the Duke of Lauderdale, weighed in. The three considered this in silence for a moment, the only sound created by Lauderdale tapping his walking stick against the floor.


“Well, we’ll know the answer for sure on the 7th of May, when His Majesty will announce who he’ll marry to everyone,” Henry Cavendish finally concluded. With polite farewells the three men went their separate ways for the evening.

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