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Heather O`Roarke

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I am writing My Life to laugh at myself, and I am succeeding


The sun sparkled on the azure water of the canals, bouncing off on the white marble of the carefully crafted Roman arches with their geometric decorative touches that faintly recalled Turkish shores. Here was a city of pleasure, surrounded by water. On the small side walks, en route to the Piazza, giggling masked ladies dressed in glittering fluffy dresses were chased by equally eager masked young men, their hair covered by the popular small white wigs that were the fashion nowadays. In one of the canals an elegant Gondola moved softly forwards, the gondolier humming a tune but on the request of his mistress not singing loudly.


Venice. It had taken Heather long enough to arrive here, but now that she was here, she didn't think she was ever going to leave. Her left hand casually played with the luke warm water over the side of the Gondola, while her right hand held up a painstakingly handpainted fan displaying the palace of Versailles, a momento from so long ago. Dance with Earls. Eat with Princes. Sleep with Kings. While her skin was as pale and freckled as ever, wrinkles now betrayed themselves, though half her face was hidden behind a columbine, a youthful mask decorated with glittery gold and large plumb feathers, which hid the bright white hairs she was proud of.


A smile lit up on the once redhead's face as a young man awaited her at the piazza San Marco, assisting her out of the Gondola while her old bones protested before kissing her hand with all the charm he could muster, which was considerable, his white teeth sparkling as much as the white marble on the buildings, a wicked gleam in his dark eyes. "Giacomo Casanova," Heather murmured with a pleased huskiness that showed her barely suppressed passion despite her very high age "One day you will be the death of me. I had to pay bond to get you out of jail, again. There shall be nothing left for me to leave to you in my will." "That day will be a long day off, Madam," her young lover assured the venerable lady with a confident laugh, knowing he was already forgiven "Shall we to carnival?"

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