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Gentleman Spectator Saturday, April 11th

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World News:


There are rumors of a possible end to the Franco-Dutch War. It is said that England is playing an important role.


A ship has arrived from the East Indies full of ivory. It is said that the EIC made a small fortune on the venture. Shares have increased, of late, to over 150 pounds per share.


Trade possibilities with the West Indies offer even more promising opportunities. Sugar cane, ginger, tobacco, rum, coffee, and fruit all promise to find strong markets here in the Three Kingdoms. There is talk of a new company being formed to emulate the profit of the EIC. So far, the investors are said to be only the most highly placed members at court.


The parade of princesses at Whitehall continues. Some are said to be leaving for home in the coming weeks, leaving but a brief time to witness such a once in a lifetime event.


For those tempted to wager on the outcome, so far, it seems the lead contender is Lady Mignonette of Savoy. Not only is she the first cousin of the King, but she is said to have converted to Anglican and professed a desire to stay in London indefinitely. Her aunt is the powerful Duchess of Savoy.


Close behind comes Mademoiselle Chartres of France. She too is a cousin to the King and none can doubt the wealth and influence of France. Keeping her from being the current frontrunner is the fact that she is Catholic and French.


Mlle Chartres has been active in charity events for the homeless of the East End fire, though ruffians were said to have attacked and stolen the bread for themselves.


Karoline von der Pfalz has not had the high profile that one would think of the Protestant leader. Katherine of the Palatinate has been more visible about court, though there are whispers that her father is a bigamist -- no doubt effecting her chances.


The Hapsburg Archduchess has been visible with both Austrian and Spanish parties. One has to wonder whether the daughter of the Holy Roman Emperor would be the best of choices in such a Protestant stronghold as England.


The daughter of the Tsar of Russia has been a surprise candiadate, coming from so far away, and of the Greek Orthodox Church. Nevertheless, Russia is a wealthy land and becoming a great power.


Of the smaller principalities, the two sisters from Saxe-Weimar have been a pleasant surprise. Both Anna and Wilhelmine have been active at court functions and proven themselves to be charming visitors, even if their respective dowries might not equal that of the Hapsburgs or Bourbons.


Palace News:


The two biggest social events were the party hosted by the Earl of Basildon, which was based on a theme of King Arthur. The King was presented with a new Excalibur and the various princesses competed to pull a sword from the stone. It was a grand hit and Lady Mignonette was the first princess to successfully pull a blade from the stone.


The other event was the French Fete, and extravagant affair at the French Embassy. There were treasure hunts and prizes galore. The King was paired with Mlle. Chartres throughout.


The court repaired to Newmarket for the Spring races. Apart from the races (which will be reported in the sports section), it is said that the Court enjoyed a liberating and libertine pair of nights at the coaching inns and homes in the area. The locals turned out in large number to cheer on the members of court.




The Newmarket Races:


In the Quarterhorse race, it was a tie between King Charles and Major Whitehurst, known by his admirers as Lightning Langdon. In a grand gesture, both men agreed to give their winnings to charity, as did the Countesses of Whittington and Atherstone, who came in third, tied as well.


The Steeplechase Race was won by the very same Countess Whittington, to the surprise and delight of many. She was followed by the King, and then the Lightning Langdon.


The third race was the Thoroughbred five mile race. The winner was Langdon, followed by the Duke of Monmouth and they Corporal Douglas FitzJames of the Life Guard.

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