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Veritas - 8 May


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Veritas 8 May


The truth shall make ye free



The Duke of C attended the May Day ball at the Palace without his constant companion. Is His Grace about to farewell Pretty Peggy-O?


The Court this season has been graced with the presence of a beauty with very winning ways. What is the lovely Sagittaria's secret?


Is that portly Whore of babylon the Duchess of P to be returned to sender? She did not attend the May ball and her erstwhile lover took considerable interest in the luscious Lady L


A scion of that infamous Northern clan of cattle thieves had the temerity to wear their barbaric native dress to the May Ball. Be advised, sir, that this is London and it is customary here for gentleman to wear trousers.


It is rumoured that Lord L and Lady P were seen in passionate embrace in the rose garden. Perhaps it was a trick of the moonlight?


A certain young lady from the West Country has been seen unchaperoned in the company of the opposite sex and seems to have wealth on her side. With such accommodating ways and plenty of pounds it seems to us that the young lady shall not lack for suitors. What will those suitors will be proposing, though?


At a recent meeting of the Royal Society, the learned members performed again one of their earliest experiments, namely testing the truth of the belief that a spider ringed with unicorn horn will be imprisoned. This was found not to be the case. We question the quality of their horns, having observed a distinct lack of unicorn bait in our fair city.


We have hear that the Earl of B seeks to reform his wicked ways. The editors of Veritas enjoy a good joke. The leopard may change his spots...


The sweetest flower of our age was seen in the company of a most disreputable limner who is a foreigner to boot. Naughty, naughty, little flower, could end up in the tower. To which end we must report that we have heard rumours that the gentle dove confined to the tower has flown...

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