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The London Gazette - 28th of March


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The London Gazette


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28th of March


From the Court

His Majesty has welcomed new envoys from all over Europe during a reception at the Banquette Hall Wednesday the 25th. Noted were his greetings of his cousin Lady Mignonette de la Rovere and her aunt the Duchess of Savoy, Mademoiselle de Chartre of France.


Large was the german contigent of Karoline von der Pfalz of the Rhine, Eleanora Magdalena von der Pfalz of Neuburg, Charlotte Frederika of Zweibrüken, Dorothea Sophia and Christine Sophia of Brunswick-Lüneburg, Elizabeth Eleonore Sophie and Anna Sophie of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel, Dorothea-Marie of Saxe-Gotha, Anna Dorthea and Wilhelmine Christine of Saxe Weimar.


Maria Anna Josepha of Austria was well received. She is said also to have the support of Spain. Archduchess Sophia Alekseyevna, daughter of Tsar Alexei I of Russia, left the reception early, after an incident. Ulrika Eleanora of Danmark barely spend time talking to His Majesty and is whispered to resist her family's negotiations.


Speculation at Court centered not only upon alliances, but on the faith of the new Queen. The Commons passed a resolution calling upon the King to ensure England remains a protestant nation by selecting a Protestant bride.




His Majesty has fined the Duke of Buckingham the hefty sum of 1500 pounds for disruption of public order and indecency.


At Home


Official complaints have been lodged by Lord Shaftesbury, as well as a letter written to the London Gazette, that the current round of arrests of peers and commoners alike are a breach of the Magna Carta. A rally is said to take place some time next week.




Master Oates has been gathering large crowds in his recent preachings about the curse of the Catholics.




From outside London the news that the Earl of Newbury, one of the admirals of His Majesty's fleet is a converted Catholic, who enhances his salary with grave incidents of graft. No official inquiries have been made yet. Master Pepys gave out a statement that the Admiralty and the Board of Ordinances is not familiar with the accusations and will launch an inquiry.




Master Peter Lely, the Dutchman that has risen to such famous heights with his paintings, is said to be under royal commission to create a new portrait gallery of court beauties. One of the first ladies to sit is Lady Alyth.





Vienna, March 20th. The Queen Dowager of Poland is ill of Small Pox., but past all danger. The imperial minister at Cracow confirms, as we are told, what we heard before, of the disposition of the Diet, to conclude a firm peace with His Imperial Majesty, though he adds there were several senators opposed to it.


Antwerp, March 22nd. King Louis is said to have moved his troops slightly back the lines, with the Prince of Orange pressing his advantage. Meanwhile Marius de Vries, the Dutch Ambassador, reports that relations with London are improving and a new marriage treaty is in the making. The Dutch are said to cooperate with the Spanish on several issues of common interest.





Alexander Everheart, the Earl of Whittington has married Isabeau Everhart, formerly the Baroness Lismore on the 23rd of March.


The marriage of Henry Hamilton, Viscount of Elmdon, to Lady Cathy Granville on the 27th of March has been delayed till further notice due to unexpected circumstances.


Lady Campden is happy to announce the intent of engagement of her niece Elisabeth Dwight with Captain Richard Huxley, Baron of Southwick.


Lord Amyas Tresidder lets it be known that his daughter Margaret Tresidder will wed Major Charles Whitehurst, Viscount of Langdon, on the 12th of April.





Seeking Dancing Master of highest Skill in the FRENCH style, for the execution of LESSONS and CHOREOGRAPHY. Apply to Mrs. Dawes at the House of Rochford





To make Cheese-Cakes, the best way.


Take two Gallons of New Milk, put into them two spoonfuls and a half of Runnet, heat the Milk little less than Blood-warm, cover it close with a Cloath, till you see the Cheese be gathered, then with a scumming-dish gently take out the whey, when you have dreyn'd the Curd as clean as you can, put it into a Siev, and let it drain very well there; then to two quarts of Curds, take a quart of thick Cream, a pound of Sweet Butter, twelve Eggs, a pound and half of Currans, a penny-worth of Cloves, Nutmeg and Mace beaten, half a pound of good Sugar, a quarter of a pint of Rose-water; mingle it well together, and put it into Puff-paste.

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