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London Gazette 28th of December [Arrives 30th of Dec]


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The London Gazette


Published by Authority

28th of December



From Windsor the news that Her Majesty Catherine of Braganza, has unexpectedly died on the 27th of December 1675. Earl Marshal declared Court Mourning to start on the 15th of January till the 15th of March. Second Mourning will be observed by the Royal Family and those directly related to them by blood or affection till the 1st of May.


To His Majesty the King by the Grace of God:

We, Your Majesty's most dutiful subjects, console you with the loss of so dear a wife and Queen, a lady of dear memory. We do at the same time thank the Divine Providence for the time Her Majesty spend at your side during your blesseth reign.


In Other News

We have word from Southhampton that the ship of the East Indian Company arrived ahead of schedule. Arriving from the East with its hull filled with riches, investors will be glad to know that their shares have increased in value. Speculation continues, but already an increase of 5% has been noted.


The Magistrate of London, Edmund Goodberry has been found dead with a rapier in his back. The matter is currently under investigation by authorities. Israel Tonge was quoted as saying that it was a conspiracy to stop the uncovering of a powerful manuscript detailing a plot to kill His Highness the King. A copy has been forwarded to Lord Danby, who currently resides in Windsor.


Riots continue in the streets of London calling for the coffeeshops to be reopened and a recalling of Parliament. The 1st troop of the Lifeguard made some arrests as the mob approached the palace. In an effort to appease, a release has been ordered of the Earl of Shaftesbury from the Tower who has withdrawn to his country home. There is talk of an Exclusion Act in preparation by some lords to ensure no Catholic will ever sit on the Throne. That of course can only be the thoughts of rebels and those that wish England ill for none but God has the divine right to interfere with the lineage of Kings.




Hague, Nov. 8. We have not any farther particulars of the damage occasioned by the late great Inundation about Amsterdam, Haerlem, &c. But from North-Holland, we have the confirmation of their being in a much better condition than was expected. We are told, that the States have given orders to their Plenipotentiaries for the Treaty at Nimeguen, to hold themselves ready to part, they being willing that their Ambassadors should arrive there among the first, to manifest their disposition to a Peace, to which people in general are very much inclined. However this does not hinder but that there are discourses likewise of the continuance of the War, and, it's said, that at his Highnesses return from Soestdike, Consultations will be held concerning the making the necessary provision for the next Campaign.


Naples December 10th, The Dutch Men of War that arrived that arrived here some days hence were commanded by the Vice Admiral de Haen, they continue still here in expectation of lieutenant Admiral de Ruyter with the rest of his ships who is so much more the impatiently desired for that we understand that the messines begin again to be reduced to great straits and that if de Ruyter could but be early enough to shut up the passage to the succors that are daily expected from France's those inhabitants would not be able to subsist. We expect a good supply of men from Ilan, who come by sea from Final. The Prince of Montesarhio continues at Palermo, but it issaid his ships ar ein a very ill condition. This week several other banditi are come in and submitted themselves upon promise of pardon, on condition to serve agast the Messina


Marseilles, Decemb. 24. By a Vessel arrived here, we have advice, that about 14 dayes since, Lieutenant-Admiral de Ruyter pawed from Cagliari, with the Men of War under his command for Naples, where, it's said he is to join 10 Spanish Men of War; it is very probable some Action may happen between them and the French Fleet that has sailed from Thoulon, consisting of 20 stout Men of War, and 8 or 7 Fireships


Venice, December 13th, On Monday last arrived here the ship called the Sun, on whom came Signior Quirini from Constantinople, where he hath resided as Ambassador on the part of this State. The Plague we hear rages very violent in most of the Turkish Territories, which is the reason that the War is not more vigorously carried on against the Poles, however we are told, that the Grand Vizier which is said to be much dissatisfied that this summer has passed with to little attention on their part, declares he will himself march against the Poles in Spring.


Vienna, Decemb. 22. From Hungary we have advice, that 4000 Imperialists, being informed that the Rebels were in a good Body at Dcbrcin, and that they had brought thither, their Goods, with intention to make that the place of their Rendezvous, marched forthwith thither. Mischief fell upon the Rebels that were there . and cut them all in pieces, making purchase of their Goods.




Upon the 18th of December last, went from the City of London, one William Scale , being very large in stature and fat, about 31 years of age, ruddy complexion, Pockboles in his face, hath taken away a brown bay StoneHorse, near 15 hands high, he was Coachman co the Countess of Gowran. Whoever gives notice of him to the said Countess at Rowhampton, or at the Duke of Ormonds, shall have three Guineas Reward.


Anthony Dale, alias Parsons, between 11 and 12 years of age, smooth brown hair, a large cut down the hinder part of his head, he shows Agility of Body, or Tumbling tricks, in an old blue stuff Livery laced with blue, white , and green Lace, a Cap of the fame edg'd with white Furr, ran away from the Golden Fleece in Bamstable, the 5th instance. If anyone bring him back to his Master, Mr Tamberlin Harvey, or secure him, and send word to the White Balcony with two Golden Bals in Great Suffolk , shall be very well rewarded.


To make an Almond-Tart.

Raise an Excellent good Paste with six Corners, an Inch deep; then take some blanched Almonds very finely beaten with Rose-water, take a pound of Sugar to a pound of Almonds, some grated Nutmeg, a little Cream, with strain'd Spinage, as much as will colour the Almonds green, so bake it with a gentle heat in an Oven, not shutting the Door; draw it, and stick it with Candyed Orange, Citron, and put in red and white Muskadine.

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