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Gentleman Spectator [Arrives 29th of December]


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Issue of Gentleman Spectator for December 28th late edition.


The Queen is Dead


Word has reached us that the Queen has succumbed to an illness, though it is openly whispered that she was poisoned. The King, too distraught with the tragedy, took to his private chambers for mourning.


The announcement was made by the Duke of York, greeted by prayers for the Queen's peace being uttered by prominent members of court.


Windsor Castle, the site of Christmas Court, has become a veritable armed camp with soldiers searching every one and every thing. Whispers are that the death was caused by those who hope to see a new Protestant Queen produce a Protestant heir. Rest assured that those who might have conspired unlawfully to that end are set to be arrested.


Suddenly, the talk of Windsor is about what Protestant heiresses exist in countries like Sweden, Denmark, the United Provinces, and various Germanic states. Yet, relations with France and Spain dictate serious consideration of a possible marriage alliance as well.


War and Peace


The death of the famed Marshal Turenne has been a blow to the French prospects of defeating the Dutch. It is said that Dumbarton's Regiment was effectively destroyed in battles on the Continent. That has reduced the number of English soldiers serving in the French army appreciably. Look for the regiment to be rebuilt and English soldiers to once again be sent forth.


Word from Windsor


Prince William of Orange was a surprise visitor to the King's Christmas banquet. Speculation is rife that a match is in the offing between young princess Mary and the Prince. One has to wonder what the death of the Queen will do to future relations with the United Provinces.


The King has shown his favor on many lords and ladies this season. The arrival of the Duchess of Mazarene from France has caused a great stir at court. Gone is the lustre of certain other ladies that rose quickly at court in previous seasons. The widow Patterson was married quickly and unexpectedly to fellow Scot Adam MacGregor, a newly appointed earl of the Scottish peerage. The Viscount Mountjoy also announced a midnight marriage to the oft-widowed Ursula Hildebrant, sister of the Saxon prince.


A new French ambassador arrived at Windsor. To much acclaim, it was learned that he is a Protestant. This can only mean a better understanding with France.


Treasurer Danby, it is said, continues to work tirelessly to find funding for glaring needs such as the backpay of our military. Hope is on the horizon in that regard. There are two vacancies for other treasurer positions -- Treasurer of the Royal Household, and the Keeper of the Privy Purse. Both offices are still open, following the untimely deaths of the previous holders. There is general agreement that the popular Earl of Basildon is likely to land one. He is known to have financial skill and a desire to get the navymen paid. The other position is said to be up in the air, as many lords jockey for it at Windsor.

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