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London Gazette 21st of December [Arrives 26th of Dec]


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Note that some members of the nobility may have received earlier copies by courier.


The London Gazette


Published by Authority

21st of December




Venice, Decemb. 13.. On Monday last arrived here the ship called the Sun, on whom came Signior Duirini from Constantinople, where he hath resided as Ambassador on the part of this State. The Plague we hear rages very violent in most of the Turkish Territories, which is the reason that the War is not more vigorously carried on against the Poles. However we are told, that the Grand Vizier, who is said to be much dissatisfied that this Summer has passed "with so little action on their part, declares he will himself march against the Poles in the Spring.


The Bey of Tunis shall be sending an envoy to the Court, to negotiate with his majesty how matters at the Barbary Coast are to be handled.


The new French Ambassador is Marquess Ruvigny, a military man, who is said to be more considerate of the English cause because of his Huguenot faith.


From the United Provinces the sad tiding that Jan Vermeer died at Delft, aged 43.




William of Orange and his retinue have landed on the docks of London on the 19th of December, so that His Highness might celebrate Christmas with his English family. In their wake it is thought many Dutch courtiers will be attending Court in Windsor.


The East Indian Company: It is said that on the 29th the ship of the EIC will arrive after its run to India in Southhampton. Of course those first learning of its fate and content stand to make a considerable sum.


Plymouth,"Decemb. z6. Every day brings with it an Account of great losses at Sea, and all these Coasts are full of Wrecks. From Mounts-Bay in Cornwall they write , That five Rudders of ships had been driven ashore, and that it was feared that all the men as Well as ships were lost.

(there is a longer list of ships lost at sea)


The infamous painter known only as Christopher was found dead in his apartment. Investigations by authorities are still continuing.


A mob of malcontents has been clamouring in the streets against the closure of coffeeshops in place since late September. Several arrests have been made and a statement was released by the warden of the Tower that more than 23 trials of so called Whig politicians will take place on charges of sedition and high treason, with Old Bailey containing many more low born rebels that are detained for various misdemeanours. Amongst those arrested is the Earl of Shaftesbury, though no charges have been made as of yet. Meanwhile an anonymous pamphlet thought to be of his hand asks for parliament to reconvene and vote anew on the Act of Exclusion, defaming high born Catholics as a threat to English citizens. It is greatly read in London salons.


It is the charge of many English citizens that it is not the Whigs that threaten the safety of this country. Spokespersons have come forth, among them Master Tonge and Master Dangerfield to warn of dire consequences if the Catholic threat is ignored, stating that it is the Catholic purpose to have France invade England and restore rule of the Pope over England and Scotland. Said gentlemen have reported to the magistrate Sir Edmund Berry Godfrey, who is currently investigating said rumours.





Advertisement: Lost out of a Coach betwixt Hyde-Park Corner and Albemarle house (heretofore call'd Claredone-house) a small Box

Or Cabinet, wherein were three Bonds, some Acquitances, and Other Writings. Whoever brings the said Box-and Writings to the Porter at Albemarle house, shall have five pounds certainly paid.


The Histories of the Gunpowder-Treason and the Massacre at Paris: As also a Relation of several conspiracies against Queen Elizabeth. Sold by F. Leigh at the Blew Bell near Chancery-lane end in Fleet-street.


All persons selling Wine by Retail in England, Wales, and Berwick, who have not had His Majesties Licence, or whose Wine-Licenses ended at or before Lady-day last, and have not yet renewed the fame, are hereby advised, That they, their Attornies, Correspondents or Friends, repair forthwith to His Majesties Office in Durban-yard, London, and contract and take Licence to sell Wine by Retail, that they may not be impleaded at Law. And all persons owing any Rent, or Arrears of Rent, or Sums of Money for Wine Licences are also directed forthwith to pay the same into the said Office, else Scire Facins or Capias will issue against them, which will be both chargeable and troublesome, and only to be voided by speedy payment.


On the fifth instant, a young man about 20 years of age, his name Thomas Salkeld (formerly a servant to Mr. Dimroad living in St. James's Market, in Market-street, and lately received into his service again) went away with a considerable valve of English and French Gold, and Watches; he was in a mixt-coloured serge Suit, with a pair of large buff (gloves with black Fringe, a white Hat, and blackish Perritwig, black Eyes, and a pretty large Nose. If any one can discover this person and bring word to the Gentlemans house aforesaid, or else apprehend and secure him, shall have five pounds.


Lost on the second of September last, out of a Close near Winbleton in the County of Surry, a dun Nag about 14 hands, strong limb'd, flat ribbed, black Mane and Tail. Who ever gives notice of him to Edmund Pele in Kings-Street, at the Blew Balcony, shall have 10 s. Reward.


Lost on Saturday last, in New Kings-Street near St. James's, a little black Spaniel, rough hair, white neck. Whoever shall bring the said Dog, or give notice where he is to be found, to the Angel in the same street, shall have 20 s. reward.

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