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Veritas -21st of December [Arrives 26th of Dec]


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Veritas, 21st of December

The Truth Shall Set You Free


As Christmas approaches we of the Veritas strive to inform all those bachelors and maidens of the marriage market.


The delicate Lady C.EF. will be married within days of this publication to the roguish Lord N.H., Viscount of B., a much hushed over affair. We suspect a secret romance. We shall hope that the lord shall stay alive long enough for the lady to enjoy her honeymoon. Will he be able to control his more violent urges?


A long lost mistress of Court, one who gained notice with her most excellent dancing, has returned to us as Mrs. D., but without her husband. What private secrets lurk there? Gentlemen who share a turn with her on the floor will not care for the sheer enjoyment of the moment.


Meanwhile the Lady H. OR, Countess of A. is no longer on the market, having married into more common quarters, a doctor they say, but one with considerable money left to him by his brother the late Sir C. OR. The lady's lowering of preferment has not seen her banned from her circles. For her 21st birthday the Earl of B. and wife, the Duke of B. and the Duchess of M. were all seen to attend to an intimate dinner. Whispers abound as to the circles the young Countess is having, as they are all clearly of the libertine persuasion.


Of course Lord B. and wife have just returned from their tour of their estates after their much publicised wedding, which was the social event of the season. We have learned that Lord B. might have horns already. The Duke of M. is ever attentive to his lady wife, even with his own wife in the family way once again. One must pity the poor woman. Meanwhile Lord B. is not undone. He's seen most frequently in the company of the Duchess of P.


Speaking of socialites, the lady C.P., Viscountess of P., is still being seen in the company of the King, though lately the Duchess of M. is stealing his attention away. This hasn't stopped Lady C.P. from enjoying a busy few months in London attending all the right parties and apparently recovered from her personal loss that we wrote about earlier. Her sister meanwhile, the upcoming Court Beauty F.MB. is said to have married the nefarious Scot K. in a secret marriage just after his release from the Tower. A released, it is said, effected by the influence of Lady C.P. on the King.


Ah, but let us dwell on those who are available, such as the lovely red-headed Lady S. R., daughter of the Earl of A., ward of Viscount of L., who surprised society last September with her contacts with the Duke of M. Surely she shall see attention from the highest circles this Christmas. That is if the Duke can tear himself from the side of Lady B. Viscount L., recently promoted to Major of the Life Guards, is another bachelor ladies pay note to. After his failed suit of the Lady M., niece to the duke of Savoy, which perhaps was an impossible dream.


The Doolittle family has seen a recent guest, the lovely Mistress F.L. who was gifted with a little pup from His Majesty. No doubt this lady is going places. Another triumph for this merchant families recent stream of marriage broking is perhaps lurking soon? We always remain weary of those that marry money.


A mistress from the Emerald Isle was seen in the presence of a French lord last season. She is however as of yet unmarried and Mistress A. is said to be quite eager to tie the knot.


Whispers of another Court Beauty are left in the middle. Is she looking for a marriage prospect? A form of preferment to correct the accident of her birth? Not many have yet been graced with the presence of Mistress J.FR and she's been able to keep an air of intrigue around her. The Veritas sees her going places. You have heard it here first.


What of the lovely Mistress I.C., daughter of the Viscount T. She's rumoured to have a suitor. Is he aware of her somewhat libertine family and the scandal surrounding her due a painting by the upcoming artist Christopher, who died so tragically only recently? It is whispered he held a note addressed to the lady in death's troes. Her mother is said to have fled to London, quite estranged from the viscount. Perhaps her suitor though has heard of that other rumour, that of the wealth of the family.


The lady S.R., Countess of R. is also still around, a more than one time widow, she must be of some interest the gentlemen of Court, though it is said the lady likes to keep to herself. Who shall whisper her secrets to the Veritas? A most mysterious lady. Still, we know she has been seen in the company of Lord M. and the Earl of R. Has she brought the Kings Merry Gang to heel?


One wonders how many will make the effort of learning the unpronounceable title of the newly arrived C.V.L when the size of her dowry becomes known.


Rumours have it that G.M, Earl of B is expecting a windfall to blow his way after the tragic loss of his townhouse in a fire. We doubt even the loss of his home will stop him in his quest to debauch all the debutantes of the court.


Whispers have it that J. the Earl of C. is an available bachelor again. After being seen frequently in the company of a certainly lady P.S. His sister meanwhile is a much sought after lady as well, rumoured to be well seen in the highest circles. An old and respectable family. One could do worse than marrying into it.


Yet what tragedy has befallen Lord J.M., Earl of T. He is approaching his third season and is yet to marry. One can certainly not fault his good looks or his passionate nature. What lady would not like to be the reason for a duel?


The Dr B.K., Viscount of F. has returned from his tour of Europe, much the wiser for it. He too remains unmarried. Has he cast his eye already? Ladies could do worse for the good doctor is said to have good prospects to become the Kings Physician.


Another lord who recently returned to us from foreign shores is the handsome R.J.D, Earl of C.. Rumours have it that after his recent bereavement he is now looking for a wife who if not beautiful at least is wealthy. He has two sisters escorting him to Court. The question is will his lordship continue his political aspirations. There is likely more than one courtship going on.


The company of Master T.H., son of the viscount O. is sourely missed in Court Quarters while staying away in Europe. There is hope he might arrive just in time for Christmas.


For those with a taste for foreign the Margrave S. can be seen prowling about, though we must warn the ladies that while handsome and wealthy rumours of lecherous wickedness surround the man. To some that will only be a recommendation of course.


If ye seek it more at home may we draw attention to Lord G., Son of the Earl of T, some call him passionate, some call him hot tempered, most call him wealthy.


Another rich lord is O.L. , Baron B., who, while a bit provincial, has managed great shipping interests. It is no wonder that he has been seen in the company of the Duchess of C., who has an eye for these things. Still ladies, you might be too late. Whispers abound at court that there is a courtship blooming. We will wait and see if Lord O.L. will be this Courts next socialite.


Often seen in the company of some debutants Lord H.E.G, Viscount F., has still escaped the clutches of marriage. It remains to be seen if any lady is more successful in the coming season.


There you have it. The chances of the coming season, though likely more will lurk out in the darkness, their fame or infamy spreading. We of the Veritas will be sure to find out and update you on it.

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