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Veritas 25th of September


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Veritas, 25th of September

The Truth Shall Set You Free


Such a Merry Court we have in London. Having just set up Lady P.-- and her young sisters in a very nice house indeed in Pall Mall only last week, His Majesty has invited Duchess H.-- to take up residence in London. Another rising star at the firmament? Less rosey times for Lady P.-- who suffered a loss most ladies are familiar with.


Do not discount Duchess P.-- who has been known to provide comfort and advise to our monarch in his darkest moments. The only one not benefiting appears to be poor sweet Nell. We at the Veritas would be sad to see her lose favour.


Alas no further news from the Queen, other than that she's been seen wandering the palace in her shift! Doctors mention her mind continues to be addled from the fevers and her recent loss. What will the future bring?


The Earl of P.-- better known to some as Don C.-- has been seen courting the delightful Lady M.--. No doubt His Majesty approves of the match. We have noted the sudden promotion of Lord L.-- to a high position in the Life Guard. That certainly motivated him to withdraw his suit for the lady's hand.


The Regatta provided unexpected excitement as before the race on the Thames even started a hotheaded lord B.-- shot a Turk attending the fest, claiming evil doing by the Moor prior to the event. The exotic prince of Tunis is said to have violated a lady, such wickedness cannot remain unavenged. However, it is a pity it was at the expense of many women and children crushed in the rush from the mob as they fled the scene. Only barely was a child and her mother saved. The Veritas has learned one of the saviours, beautiful redheaded Lady S.--, was offered the hospitality of the Duke of M.--, the guest of honor at his winners celebration after the event. We've heard whispers the lady walked around in nothing but a shift!


All is well that ends well however. We of the Veritas have learned that hotheaded Lord B.-- is engaged to be married to the poor ravished mistress C.--. Such romance we have not seen in some time. In other news mistress C.-- also was send one of His Majesty's puppies, as as was the intriguing mistress F.-- who has been seen in the company of Lady M.--. It is a romance of a more innocent kind.


Speaking of romance, we wonder if such was involved with the high society wedding of the week: the Basildon wedding, taking no less than a Seymour bride. All of society attended, including His Majesty, and the Dukes York, Cumberland, Monmouth and Albemarle. The bride was radiant, wearing a silver dress that hinted at royalty, a rather daring choice. But the theme of the day was the Navy, for the groom had graciously provided a large number of Navy sailors with five shilling. The couple was briefly jostled in quaint Navy custom after the ceremony was done, at which the Archbishop of York attended in Westminster Abbey. Out on the streets there was a large crowd. The Howards and Cavendish, the natural competitors of the Seymour family, must have bitten their nails in frustration at the display.


A different kind of romance for the Countess of A.-- eloping with an Irish doctor to Scotland. Time for more wedding bells. It is said that her cousin master H. -- the famous swordsman has asked the hand in marriage of the sister of the Earl of C.-- Upon the news the son of the Portuguese Ambassador left London.


Master H.-- has also been indicated in the death of a Frenchman in a house of ill repute...


The infamous Lord R.-- was banished from Court after violating His Majesty's sundial by taking a piss on it. Good riddance we say, and no doubt saves a number of ladies from gaining the pox, of which Lord R.-- is said to suffer. Among the ladies mourning his departure no doubt was the actress E.B., whose rise in the theatre his lordship had patronage of.


The new French Ambassador is bringing a wealth of new French courtiers to London, all Huguenots of course. Among them is the son of Lord B.--- fleeing his native country because of the scandal involved with a lady. Oh la la! Would the lovely nightingale of Whitehall know of such a past from her singing partner, we wonder?

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