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Veritas 18th of September


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Veritas, 18th of September

The Truth Shall Set You Free


Our first thoughts must go to the dramatic developments at Whitehall. Her Majesty, always known to be frail and having never before carried a pregnancy to term, went into unexpected labor during an afternoon tea. Whispers have it that labor was induced by a foul brew, an investigation being underway. Is this a Catholic plot of Y---, or perhaps the revenge of the natural son who will not broke any legitimate children? Dark dealings that will not escape due punishment.


The poor little one is said to have been snatched from the clutches from Catholics that hovered around the Queen to receive a proper Anglican Baptising. Lady M-----, that delicate and very Catholic rising star at Court who it is whispered never left the Queens side through her ordeal, is said to have been the godmother of the little prince that did not live to see another dawn. The Veritas will watch this lady to have more favors bestowed. Already she's been appointed maid of honor to the Queen, giving her unlimited access to the Royal apartments. In those times not spent at the Queens side she's been seen frequently with her darkhaired, handsome kinsman, the Earl of P----. The hunt for her excessive dowry is still on.


Alas, for all the careful steps towards hapiness of her newly appointed maid of honor, the Queen remains indisposed and under full attention of the royal physicians. A malady not just of the body but of the mind whispers have it, putting it down to shock and intense melancholy. Already courtiers whisper that should this situation continue the kindest thing would be to allow Her Majesty to retire to a convent in Portugal to find some peace of mind.


More drama threatened the Royal Family where it not for the heroics of a man frequently damned for his audacity and foul treatment of the poor Lady A---, as the Earl of N--- never tires to orate about at Court, even going as far as to disrupt a service in the Royal Chapel most scandalously. We beg him to silence for what would Lady Mary have done had not this man rescued her from a foul kidnapping, riding rough all the way to Chelsea, slaying the Turks involved to the last man singlehandedly? The

Veritas is willing to give Lord B. some credit. His wedding next week to the Seymour heiress is said to be the one of the most important events of this season.


The Duke of Y--- is said to have visited a certain highplaced Turk in Fleet prison. We wonder if the man was part of the conspiracy, or in other ways compounded to his crimes. Whispers of a crime too foul of even the Veritas to write down are insistent. We will consider it our duty to report on it in our future editions.


Proof that the Turks were not the only highwaymen about is given by several robberies in St.Marks Hall and, just in before our press closed, the kidnapping of none other than the Catholic Lady M------, stopped by yet another hero at Court, the mysterious, scarred Lord Blackheath, also known as the Butcher of Breda. No stranger to violence he put his experience in good use in preventing this foul deed. Ladies pay attention. This military man is said to have come to London to find a bride.


Other young men entering the marriage market this season have been the well connected and generally liked Lord Montjoy, Lord Geoffrey and recently seen at the House of Lords, the wealthy Baron B---. Be ware though, the baron is said to still dance to the ties of his mother. Meanwhile the painter Di Bambino is increasingly in demand for ladies portraits, which is no surprise with his pleasing countenance and dark looks. We pray husbands are not naive for Italians are not to be trusted alone with ladies of quality.


The newly made earl of T---- made his attentions towards Mistress P---- abundantly clear when he challenged young E.G. to a duel at the Auction for the Chelsea Veteran Hospital, uttering language not normally uttered in society in the presence of ladies. The lady concerned was clearly very distressed about this manly display of prowess. It did not deter the gentlemen involved to meet at dawn, though the duel itself ended in disgrace due to the cowardly behavior of E.G. after being wounded at first touch, victory going of course to the handsome and unwavering earl. A few days after E.G died, we presume from injuries sustained. Will the earl now claim his reward from the lady he fought over?


Lady Patterson's housewarming Party was well attended, despite or perhaps because of recent dramatic events. Nearly all courtiers of name attended even though a Great Personage had to beg absence. Most notable was the arrival of Lady Hortense, said to be in London on invitation of His Majesty. Have we just seen a changing of the guard? C.R. hid in the arms of the Duchess of P---- meanwhile, no small triumph for a lady who was out of favor since last season.


A clear absentee was Queen Anne, head of the scandalous savages that appear to have invaded St.James Park. More than one lady was send screaming after encountering bare chested barbarians! The Indian Queen is visiting London as part of a treaty made in the colonies and said to remain for the regatta next week. Which makes us wonder what new acts of savagery we will see after the queer dance performed at last weeks ball.

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