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London Gazette 1 May


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The London Gazette


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1 May


From the Court


The Editors of the London Gazette are sure that all Loyal Subjects will join with us in wishing the Lady Mary, daughter of His Grace the Duke of York many Happy returns of the Day on the occasion of her 13th Birthday which occurred yesterday.


Her Ladyship did celebrate her Natal Day with a picquenicque in St James' Park. Her Ladyship and party dined on cold chicken, venison pasties and lettuce sallet. After luncheon the young people of the party did dance country dances.



The Court is aflutter, we hear, with anticipation of the May Ball to be held at Whitehall this night. We are told that the decorations are particularly charming and that Mr Staggins, newly appointed Master of the King's Music will be leading the orchestra.


We trust that those persons new come to Court will be sensibleof the Great Honour afforded them of having the opportunity to see Their Majesties, who will be in attendance.




Lord Danby's Bill, which was to Exclude all dissenters from governement Office has been defeated in both Houses.


It is running through the Galleries that Mr Samuel Pepys, MP, Secretary to the Office of the Lord High Admiral of England, may shortly be appointed to the governorship of Christ's Hospital, the Royal school for orphans.




Paris correspondents relate that Papist astronomer John Cassini claims to have found that the 2 rings of the planet Saturn are in fact many. Mr Flamsteed, the Astronomer Royal lately appointed by His Majesty, reports no such thing. It is plain then that this Popish nonsense is an Affront to Science and Reason. "What God hath joined together let No Man put assunder".


A sad tale comes to us from Sweden. In the town of Torsaker the superstition of Witchcraft has revived. Our correspondent reports that a number of women have been Taken up for investigation.


One can scarce credit, in this Age of Science and Rationality that any intelligent townsman in a christian Nation could be privy to such a pandering to Ignorance and Ill-nature.




Commencing at the Theatre Royal, Monday afternoon, a further season of Mr Wycherley's popular Comedy, "The Country Wife". Mrs Elizabeth Bowtel reprises her success as Mrs Pinchwife, with Mr Charles Hart again playing the roguish Horner.


It is with Great Pleasure that the London Gazette can Announce that by Special Arrangement with Mr John Digby, we are able to Bring you Excerpts from that Well Known work "The Closet of Sir Kenelm Digby, Knight, Opened".


As is well known, the Late Sir Kenelm was Councillor to King Charles the Martyr, Chancellor to the Late Queen Henrietta Maria during that Unhappy Time of Her Majesty's Cruel Exile in France and a member of the renowned Royal Society of London for the Improvement of Natural Knowledge.


We are Sure that you will enjoy the Hearty and Delectable Receipts of Sir Kenelm.




Take Sweet-marjoram, Sweet-bryar-buds, Violet-leaves, Strawberry-leaves, of each one handful, and a good handful of Violet flowers (the dubble ones are the best) broad Thyme, Borrage, Agrimony, of each half a handful, and two or three branches of Rosemary, The seeds of Carvi, Coriander, and Fennel, of each two spoonfuls, and three or four blades of large-mace. Boil all these in eight Gallons of running-water, three quarters of an hour. Then strain it, and when it is but blood-warm, put in as much of the best honey, as will make the Liquor bear an Egg the breadth of six pence above the water. Then boil it again as long as any scum will rise. Then set it abroad a cooling; and when it is almost cold, put in half a pint of good Ale-barm; and when it hath wrought, till you perceive the barm to fall, then Tun it, and let it work in the barrel, till the barm leaveth rising, filling it up every day with some of the same Liquor. When you stop it up, put in a bag with one Nutmeg sliced, a little whole Cloves and Mace, a stick of Cinnamon broken in pieces, and a grain of good Musk.


You may make this a little before Michaelmas, and it will be fit to drink at Lent.


This is Sir Edward Bainton's Receipt, Which my Lord of Portland (who gave it me) saith, was the best he ever drunk.




Lost on Saturday, betwixt Cheapside and Moorfield, a letter, Sealed in the middle, and closed with Wax on each side, in it a Paper with Cotton, in the Cotton two Rings, one seven Diamonds, Enamell'd with Black, the other one Diamond, Enamell'd with Blue, for a very small finger. If any one hath taken the same up, let them bring them to Mr. Gerlingten's, at the Tobacco-Roll in Chiswel Street, and they shall have 20 s. for their pains.


Mr Anthony Robinson is desirous of acquainting person of quality with his Formula for physic, Robertson's London Paregoric. A certain cure for gout, dropsy, foul breath, tertian ague, the stone, tissick and many other complaints. Hundreds of testimonials.


Available in 5s, 2/6d and 1d bottles.


Mr James Dupree of Milne House, the Leatherhead Road, Ashtead, Surrey seeks information regarding the whereabouts of his elderly Mother. The lady was last seen Wandering Vaguely in the direction of Ashtead Common. 40s reward.

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