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Veritas - 11th of September


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Veritas 11th of September

The Truth shall make you Free


London is growing to be an increasing unsafe place. After the string of murders, not the least of which was a string of deaths in the East End following the death of one Nellie Oates, lady in waiting to the Duchess of Marlborough in that same area, and the heinous mugging of Lady Archer in Picadilly Street, now a new crime has come to the fore. Our investigators report a growing number of young ladies who mysteriously disappear from Court and are never heard from again. Curiously it is always those ladies that have very few protectors. Among them are mistress Sinclair, Lady Hunter, Lady Lennox, Lady De Vere, Mistress Rhiannon, Mistress Evangeline, Mistress Liselotte, Lady Clayton and last but not least the famous socialite Lady Philippa Archer, the May Queen. Why will our government not make the streets safer? What heinous fate has awaited these ladies?


Of all the dangers facing London, at least the plague is no longer among them and it is no longer on the Bill of Deaths as a common cause. The King on the ending of the season took decisive action, burning down houses in the East End that were so afflicted and in a perimeter around them too. The people dislocated were generously compensated by the Crown. Stories that the plague might actually have spread beyond East End are discounted, though we suspect that it was such a fear that made Court leave to Newmarket early, under pretense of the races.


The long waited for Duel of the Dukes between Buckingham and Albemarle took place in June, on account of Buckingham having suggested to yet another Duke, catholic James of York, brother and for now still heir to the King, that.. yes, another Duke, Monmouth, that well admired natural son of the King who can find not good in the eyes of York, at least had military skills whereas Albemarle had none. Are you still with us? We of the Veritas think that the dastardly courtier Buckingham simply likes to duel, for whatever reason, or why would he be so careless in his insults. The duel ended at first blood, Buckingham of course with his superior skill wounding Albemarle, not just in his arm but in his ego as well we should presume. We have not heard the last of this, so seconds Langdon and Mulgrave should keep themselves ready.


From France the news that Lord Briggs, kidnapped from our very own English soil after coming to the aid of some Dutch rebels who were fighting French spies in the streets of London, has been executed for aiding enemies of the French state. He leaves behind no heirs.


After all those rumors of bad things the Veritas is glad to report that we look forward to some joyful occasions too. No less than two society weddings. Lord Basildon will tie the knot with Lady Elisabeth Seymour on Wednesday the 22nd. This after the upheaval of this summer. Lady, if one dares to apply such a title lightly, Amelia Wilmington claimed a previous marriage with issue to the Lord, but the case was thrown out of court after many witnesses swore how liberally she distributed her favors, the marriage contract itself unsubstantiated. Meanwhile well known socialite Mistress Magdalena Witherspoon had her eye on the inheritance claiming the late duke was the father of her unborn child. This case settled out of court. One dare say that Witherspoon will withdraw to the country after this debacle, though it better not be Somerset or Hertford. The Wedding of Lord Duncan Melville to the Doolittle girl is far less disputed and scheduled to take place on Friday the 24th. Lady Anne Palmer meanwhile married rather unexpectedly with Thomas Lennard, 15th Baron Dacre, who was subsequently raised to be the Earl of Sussex. His Majesty attended the private wedding and is said to have paid all usual cost including the dowry.


So who shall hold the next society wedding the Veritas wants to know. Rumors abound that Lady D. and that so virtuous young man Master H. have a growing attachment after their rather public kiss, yet the growing socialite has many other suitors calling, including the son of the Portuguese Ambassador and the Earl of Plymouth. Rumors have it the late Lord Briggs was also among her suitors before his run in with the French. The lady from Savoy is said to have several suitors as well, the mailbag to that little girl's aunt overflowing with requests to pay court, her handsome dowry making her ever so attractive. Will the the lady have a say in her fate?


Meanwhile the Lady P. has made no secret of her assignment. She now lives in a grand house close to the palace, which is said to have a secret staircase for midnight royal calls. Is it coincidence that it is commented that she looks glowing and increasingly plumb? Likewise the always boisterous lady A., after winning third place at the race in Newmarket surprised friends and enemies by taking up lodgings in that well known mansion at Grosvenor Square, residence of her deceased Irish lover OR. Flaunting convention she merrily set up her household with servants and a young lady of about 10 score, riding her white Arabian. The Queen meanwhile, bless her soul, is still reported to be in good health, now with a true grand belly that is certainly setting trends at Court. The King is said to pay doting attention to her person, visiting her at Somerset House daily. The time of her confinement is surely nearly upon her.

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