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London Gazette - 28th of May


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The London Gazette


Published by Authority

28 May


From the Court


Prominent Court composer Mr Staggins collapsed on the night of the 22nd near the completion of the White ball, having succumb to poison. Authorities have apprehended Maestro Louis Grabu, ex of the position of Master of the Kings Music, two days later. He is reported to such his innocence of the crime, however this is the same song of all men escorted to the tower.




Bishops to appoint One to preach on Restoration Day, as declared in the House of Lords on the 21st.


ORDERED, That it be recommended to the Lords the Bishops, to appoint One of their Bench to preach before the House of Peers, in the Abbey Church of Westminster, on Saturday the 29th Day of this Instant May, being the Day of His Majesty's Birth, and happy Return to His Kingdoms.


Further, on the 27th, the House of Lords threw out a proposal from the Commons regarding the Impeachment of the Lord Treasurer, milord Darnby. The evidence on supposed fraud was thought not to be conclusive enough for such a far reaching measure. His Majesty, who has maintained his support to his minister, was not in attendance to the Lords.


A series of murders in the East End are currently under investigation of the sherrif of the Tower, who assures our enquirer their death was of evil intent and not ill humors.


However a further house has been seen boarded up in Grosvenor Street, raising the total number in West London to three. Physician Liam O'Roarke advises such is a cautionary measure as advised by the crown, and not indicative of anything to cause Londoners alarm. The measure was lifted later in the week.



Presenting condolences to his son Richard Newport following the great tragedy the death of Francis Newport, the 1st Earl of Bradford, the 1st Viscount Newport of Bradford, the 2nd Baron of Newport of High Ercall, and Lord-Lieutenant of Shropshire. Laying vacant the positions of Privy Counsellor, Comptroller of the Household, Treasurer of the Household.


Thomas Smith of Hatherton, Cheshire, 1st Baron, MP for Cheshire 1661-1675 (born c.1622; died 22 May 1675). Survived by his wife Abigail and daughter. He shall be greatly missed.


Caleb O'Rourke, natural son of the Earl of O'Rourke of Ireland, passed away on the 22nd after a short illness. Leaving behind four brothers.


William Seymour, son of the late Henry Seymour, Lord Beauchamp and Mary Capell, passed away following an accident. Is survived by his mother the Marchioness of Worcester. His sister Lady Elizabeth Seymour. And half brothers and sisters, Arthur, Henry, Charles, Mary and Henrietta Somerset.




Further on the Franco-Dutch war, French diplomacy continues to mark success in diverting attention from the Franco-Dutch war, it coming to light that France has granted subsidies to Sweden. True to the Swedish reputation for military invincibility, the Swedish-Brandenburgian War continues to march strongly through the land. Elextor Frederick William, is reported to have taken heavy casualties.


Pro-French John III Sobieski, elective King of Poland, is marking the first anniversary of his rule this same month. Rumors that he is negotiating through the French a treaty to end the Turkish war are yet to be confirmed.








To every quart of Honey, take four quarts of water. Put your water in a

clean Kettle over the fire, and with a stick take the just measure, how

high the water cometh, making a notch, where the superficies toucheth the stick. As soon as the water is warm, put in your Honey, and let it boil, skiming it always, till it be very clean; Then put to every Gallon of water, one pound of the best Blew-raisins of the Sun, first clean picked from the stalks, and clean washed. Let them remain in the boiling Liquor, till they be thoroughly swollen and soft; Then take them out, and put them into a Hair-bag, and strain all the juice and pulp and substance from them in an Apothecaries Press; which put back into your liquor, and let it boil, till it be consumed just to the notch you took at first, for the measure of your water alone. Then let your Liquor run through a Hair-strainer into an empty Woodden-fat, which must stand endwise, with the head of the upper-end out; and there let it remain till the next day, that the liquor be quite cold. Then Tun it up into a good Barrel, not filled quite full, but within three or four fingers breadth; (where Sack hath been, is the best) and let the bung remain open for six weeks with a double bolter-cloth lying upon

it, to keep out any foulness from falling in. Then stop it up close, and drink not of it till after nine months.


This Meathe is singularly good for a Consumption, Stone, Gravel,

Weak-sight, and many more things.


A Chief Burgemeester of Antwerpen, used for many years to drink no other drink but this; at Meals and all times, even for pledging of healths. And though He were an old man, he was of an extraordinary vigor every way, and had every year a Child, had always a great appetite, and good digestion; and yet was not fat.





This establishment offers to the inspection of the public a large and choice selection of plain and cut glass China, Dinner, Desert, Tea, Chamber Services, Chimney ornaments &c. &c.

Complete services with crests or initial painted upon the piece,& glass made and cut, to order, on shortest notice.

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