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Veritas - 28th of May


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Veritas 28 May

The truth shall make ye free


Through out the week rumors begun to bubble up of the seemingly highly reputable Master Hamilton. Having been engaged in wicked wittery with highplaced ladies early in the week, servants have been heard to speak of this young nobleman paying the rent of Lady A.'s house. He then heroic rescued the Lady D. C. from a kidnapping, carrying the lady from the scene, the very same lady that kissed him at the rapier tournament earlier this week. Of course Master Hamilton was the winning swordsman of this event over such reputable men as the Duke of Buckingham, the Earl of Basildon and that dastardly prince of Tunis Abdul Mustafa, so it is unlikely anybody but the Veritas will dare challenge his reputation.


The Plague is spreading in London again! The listed dead in the East End are steadily on the rise. The King himself inspected the situation and has ordered several buildings to be torn down and everything inside burned. It is said that it even reached Grosvenor Square, though the closed off mansion of none other than Sir Caleb O'Roarke who died last weekend was later lifted and any plague denied. Nevertheless the Veritas has learned that the King has decided to move Court to Newmarket earlier than usual, in early june.


Sir Caleb O'Roarke of course was well known for his involvement in racing and gambling. No wonder his funeral was so well attended. Many a young noble man must have heaved a sigh of relief upon seeing his death listed thinking their debts now canceled. Among the attendees was the well known courtier J.W. The Veritas has bad news for all these gents. It appears his business has been taken over by a relative with just as little conscious. You cannot trust the Irish.


The death of the Duke of Somerset shocked the London Court. We have learned that in fact it was during a carousing tour around London a group of young dukes who are known for their lewd behavior were attacked by commoners, the Duke slain. Lord B., a rising star among the firmament of young nobles, is said to have been among the defenders of the Duke. This time his talent with the rapier was not enough.


The young son and heir of the Duke of Devonshire almost drowned in the Thames, but was saved by an alert lady and a helpful soldier.


Despite all these rumors of death it seems that in spring love is in the air. The Duke of Monmouth has ousted his last mistress in favor of a new one. It is none other than the Queen of May who was brutally attacked in Piccadilly Street. Was it the Duchess taking revenge? The King his father meanwhile has blatantly taken another mistress, stealing Lauderdale's new flower. No ousting of other mistresses yet reported but the Scottish widow already has been assigned an apartment in Whitehall. Buckingham was the less lucky. He plucked a young heiress a little too soon and upon threat of being thrown in the Tower has sought to appease the family of the girl. She has been send off to Barbados with a newly wed husband and a considerable dowry.


Of course there have been a few engagements made. The most notable being of Duncan Melville, who however has been of ill health. Twice now his engagement party has been canceled.


The chase is still on for some of the more eligible ladies. The Veritas has learned that the dowry of the Grand Dame of Savoy may be running in the tens of thousand of pounds. The recently bereaved E.S. is also said to bring in a hefty sum of money. No wonder both ladies have no lack of suitors of late.


The Lady E.S. caused a scandal together with her widowed aunt, showing up in the gallery of the House of Lords with her brother not even in the ground. The Impeachment Trial too much of a thrill to miss or was she on the look out for a gent? Surely her aunt is not the strongest woman to hold this wild one in hand. If her family does not marry her off quickly the Veritas fears many more scandals may follow.


The reticent Ward of the Court, Lady S.R., was seen wandering late at night in the gardens. A late night assignation perhaps?


Is it his talent with the paintbrush that leads to the growing number of commissions of the upcoming artist Marino di Bambini, or does the man have more hidden talents? The handsome artist is said to have the Lord Mulgrave as a patron, a well known supporter of the arts.


Love not only leads to engagements and weddings, but also to... pregnancies. A number of ladies have been whispered to carry, showing little to no appetite at the recent Hunt Feast. Will Christmas bring forth a spring of babies? Maybe one of them is redheaded, leaving an Irish legacy. The Scots will surely not stay behind, for the Stuarts are known to be fertile. Shall Monmouth's mistress follow them and set the fashion of being grand bellied? Of course the word we've all been waiting for is the rumors surrounding Her Majesty. For that will surely end all debate regarding the Exclusion of the Duke of York.


A most wicked rumor came to us from Piccadilly Street #52. A little birdie told us that three ladies and a nephew from the Duke of Lauderdale where seen dancing in the nude around a bonfire out back, pretending to be the witches from Macbeth. Such is the barbarous nature of Scots! Has the Duke condoned such behavior, we at the Veritas want to know.


More debauchery comes from the palace, where the King is said to have planned a performance of the "Merry Wives of Windsor" with a women only cast on the 30th of May. Great was our surprise when the straightlaced Master Hamilton and company was invited to attend as well.


A paranormal tale of horror comes from the newly acquired Namesby mansion which is said to be haunted. The Duchess of Ablemarle has sought to have the house exorcised by a priest.

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