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And She'll Have Fun Fun Fun Till Her Husband Takes The Cart Away (CD) | Thursday late afternoon

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Windsor Town


Sophia sat in the cart as the Spanish guards pulled her through town. She didn’t like the cart, but if this crazy plan worked, she might become fond of it. After Lady Frances’ visit, she had written a letter to Lady Chichester asking her to meet her at the Mare’s Nest tomorrow morning. She had always wanted to go there and it would be much more fun with a friend. The only downside was traveling in the cart. Unfortunately, it was a necessity.  She was unable to walk for long distances anymore.


And that’s when the idea had popped in her head. She told her attendants that she wanted to draw in the forest. After collecting her art supplies, she went outside where the cart was waiting and allowed one of the guards to help her in. Soon Sophia was traveling at a leisurely pace, sitting comfortably on the cushions and wrapped in a fur-lined coat.


The town faded behind her. Just as they reached the edge of the forest, she shouted: “Oh no! I think the baby’s coming!”


The Spaniards abruptly turned around and began running as fast as they could back toward town. Sophia braced her hands against the sides of the cart and grinned from ear to ear. The rapid pace was thrilling and she loved the feel of the wind in her face. This was fun!


“Whee!” she exclaimed as the cart careened through town.

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