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To Lord & Lady Chichester | Tuesday, after the wedding

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A note written on white rag paper, with blue-black oak gall ink, sealed with the Melville coat of arms on viridian wax, and delivered by hand to the  Chichester suite.


Dear Lord & Lady Chichester,

Please forgive me for not attending your wedding. I fully intended to, but my emotions over the recent death of my wife got the best of me at the last minute, and I did not want to mar your joyous occasion with my brooding presence.

Your humble and obedient servant,


The note was delivered along with a tea chest made of teak and sandal woods with ebony and ivory marqueterie inlays, oiled to a lustrous sheen and containing a very fragrant tea mix from Lady Alyth's tea shop.

Edited by Duncan Melville
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