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To Lord Langdon | delivered early Monday morning

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In the early morning hours, a note was slipped under the door.







I know that you have been longing for me ever since you left London and can barely function without seeing me every day. To alleviate your craving for me, I have left the children with their nanny and will be staying at our special place for a day or two. I know you will visit as soon as your duties will allow. And please, Charles, don’t break down the door in your eagerness to see me.





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"Blazing cannons!" the Earl muttered to himself as he saw the note upon rising and read it.  Catherine was at the cottage.  It was a good thing that he had rented it, just in case.  It would have been embarrassing otherwise.

At length, he realized that he needed to see her and was prepared to visit her in London.  By coming to Windsor, she had saved him half a day's travel each way and the day in London.  There was no putting off the meeting, and he needed to see her before she appeared at the Castle.  So it was that he decided to travel to the cottage after having a spot of breakfast. There was no reason to appear in such a hurry that she would use it against him.

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