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Catching Up With The Lord-Evening Sept 17th

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Given the number of Roman Catholics of importance to His Majesty, in particular the Duke of York (at whose insistence the chapel was furnished), it was a matter of time before Windsor became host to a Catholic chapel, small but well-furnished.

A rich altar cloth, richly adorned with gold thread, glittered in the candlelight. Over it a gilded figure of the Christ. Around the edges of the room were several carved marble pieces depicting the Stations of the Cross.

Set on one side was an ornately carved confessional of rich mahogany.



After viewing her room and changing out of her traveling dress into something more appropriate, Jacqueline Luisa de Almeida Fitzgerald decided to explore her home away from home (for now).  The dress she now wore was of vermillion with gold embroidery, in the current fashion, but bobbin lace of intricate design filled the neckline, keeping her modest bosom from display.  A small bag of the same color scheme hung from her wrist.  Her thick black hair was braided and held by a snood.  She needed to wash the road dust from it before allowing it to fully show.  Around her neck, a gold and pearl necklace from which hung a cross, which stopped just below her collarbone.  


But first (she could almost hear her mother and grandfather whispering in her ear) she must thank God for delivering her safely to England and away from the drudgery of Irish 'society'.  The landed gentry and minor nobles were blow hard idiots.  Never anything of note to say.  Here, though, something might actually catch her interest.  Jacqui supposed it was of low probability, but stranger things had happened.  After a look around, she found the Catholic chapel.  It was decent. 


After genuflecting and performing the cross, she made her way to a pew, settled herself for prayer and dipped her head.  From the bag on her wrist, she pulled out her rosary and began to pray.  While also keeping her ears open for anything interesting.


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