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A package for Lady Alyth, delivered early evening of the 17th

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A box about eight by five inches was delivered to the house rented by Lady Alyth. It contained three items:

The first, a handwritten note, carbon black ink on cream card:


Lady Catriona MacGregor, Countess Alyth,

Here is the recipe you asked for, in its original Russian, but also with an English translation. You will also find a better balanced corset accessory. I hope you have no need of it, but if you do, use it well. Ah! Before anything else, drop a silk kerchief on its edge as you pull it towards you. You will understand why after you do.

Your Humble Servant,

Pyotr Fedorovich Sheremetev

Ambassador of the Tsardom of Russia to England

The recipe had been written in thick vellum with charcoal pigment ink, with the majuscules illuminated in vibrant tempera colours. It was a work of art, both in Russian and in English. On closer inspection, the English version had two minor spelling errors, hinting at the calligrapher not knowing the language well.

There was also a small two-edged dagger inside the box, wrapped in a red silk kerchief. If Cat were to drop the kerchief on the blade as she pulled it towards her, the dagger would cleanly cut the fabric in two, showing unusual sharpness.*

*OOC: it is said that Saladin did this with his scimitar in the presence of Richard the Lionheart. The dagger was made in Damascus by Ottoman weaponsmiths. It had no embelishments.

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