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To Lady Sophia, delivered by hand, late morning Sept. 17th

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One of the Alyth guards delivered the message to Sophia's Windsor residence.



My Dear Sophia,

A family emergency has come up (the girls are fine as am I) that require me to beg your forgiveness as I won't be able to make it to you today.  I have sent the basket I had prepared for us to enjoy, so that you may enjoy.  I promise to tell you all when next we meet.  

It was simply signed Cat.  The basket contained a fruit tart, several biscuits of shortbread, oatmeal and apple chunk variety, and two large salted pretzels.

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Anna brought the letter and the basket to Sophia’s room. The aroma of baked goods immediately filled the air and made the pregnant Countess’ stomach rumble. There was only one lady who could make such delicious treats and she wondered why Cat had sent them ahead.


Unfolding the note, a shiver of alarm snaked up her spine as she read it. Catriona and her sisters were unharmed.  So why was she so anxious?  Whatever had happened, it couldn’t have been too dire or Cat would not have had time to do any baking. I am overreacting, as usual. I will be so glad when the baby is born and my emotions settle down.


Sophia sent Anna to the kitchen with the basket. If had remained in her room a few more seconds, she would have probably eaten its entire contents. Sitting down at her desk, she wrote a reply.




Dear Cat,


Please do not apologize. Family always comes first. I hope that the issue is not serious and that it will be resolved soon. Thank you for the basket of goodies. I barely stopped myself from devouring them all on the spot. The baby is always hungry.


Perhaps we can reschedule. Are you free for lunch on Monday?





By the time she had finished and tied the note with a lavender ribbon, Anna was back and she sent her to deliver it immediately.



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