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To Lord Beverley, morning by hand, 16th September

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Given that Lord Beverley had mentioned being quite occupied over the next couple days, Athenry had waited until the morning of the 16th to "introduce" Lord Grey to the other viscount, not knowing when, if at all, the three of them would be in the same location next or finding it pressing enough to track the heir to Brooke down and interrupt his work. His manservant, who would likely be familiar to Beverley, delivered the note as Cadell broke his fast.


My friend,

I have recently made the acquaintance of an astronomer by the name of Lord Grey who wishes to request permission to set up instruments for stargazing on the roof of one of Windsor's towers. While I do not know, specifically, who such a request would be asked of, I was bold enough to assume and subsequently mention that you might, and offered to make the introduction. He is an intelligent man and to all appearances seems to be a proper gentleman, being a former fellow of Trinity College.

My understanding, of course, is that you are rather busy, so if it suits you, I can merely point him to whom he would wish to speak. I would not, however, have made such an offer if I did not think he is a man worth meeting, either now or later - given the sheer volume and perhaps-irritating nature of some of your duties of late, neither he nor I would be offended if you have neither time or inclination to speak to him.

Do let me know, and in turn I'll inform Grey of how to proceed. Apologies again for making the offer without your permission, at such a busy time.

With any luck, the wolves will have had their fill by now. Ever your friend and servant,



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