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Let Your Flour Flag Fly-CD 16th September, morning

Catriona MacGregor

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MacGregor/MacBain rental property


A pretty Tudor style home with four bedrooms, a dining room, parlor, and library.  A small stable that can hold 3 horses and tack and carriage resides on the property as well.  A walled garden, most of it settling down to slumber for the winter, completes the rental. Perfect for 5 females.

Three baskets were off to the palace for three different men and none of them related.  Cat probably could have sent one to Douglas, but he was just as likely to raid her pantry anyways.  She looked down at remaining pretzels and shortbread biscuits.  She still had some dough left.  She looked at the dishes available to her.  What would apple pie filling taste like with a shortbread crust?  Oh, or mixing the apples with pear?  She grabbed the pie dish and laid the remaining shortbread in the bottom and placing in the oven to pre-bake, another pie dish set on top to keep the dough from rising and making a strange shape.  While that was baking, she took apple slices and pear slices, mixed some sugar, some cinnamon, some clove and a few other ingredients in a bowl.  Checking the pie dough, she decided it was at the perfect stage.  She arranged the fruit in the pie shell to make a pleasing pattern.  With a drizzle of the remaining sauce in the bowl, she placed everything back into the oven.  Yes, baking was very relaxing.

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