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To the Earl and Countess of Linsey - 16th September 1678

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To the Earl and Countess of Linsey,
My Lord and Lady Linsey,

I am writing to introduce myself; I am Douglas FitzJames, Baron Dundarg, Lord Lieutenant of Aberdeen.

I had the pleasure of meeting Lady Bridget Osborne during the last Christmas season, and again during the Reception event yesterday.

Whilst we spoke at the Reception, Lady Bridget expressed an interest in an 'adventure' outing and asked whether I would accompany her, her sister and her cousin. I have suggested the Great Park via the Long Walk - a pleasant ride or carriage trip - with Herne's Oak as our goal, since it has some interesting history which I hope will satisfy as an adventure. Lady Bridget has chosen Saturday afternoon for this outing. 

I asked Lady Bridget whether her brother Lord Osborne might come with us, but as I understand he is not at court this season I thought that you might wish to send such company and protectionas you deemed right for such a trip.

Yours in Service,

Baron Dundarg

Douglas's writing still had that rounded style and the backwards slope of a left-handed writer, but he'd come a long way from his semi-literate first letters at court. His letters were still short for the time it took to write them, and he still avoided long words where he could, and had to look up the spelling where he couldn't, but at least they were legible and intelligible. I poor student without motivation in his youth, his achievements and experiences had done much to motivate him to seek improvement over the last few years. 

The letter was accompanied by a bottle of very good Highland's whiskey. 

Edited by Douglas FitzJames
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