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Outer Clothes
* Sky blue silk brocade mantua - Sept 1678
* A cotton day dress woven in stripes of cream and pale green and hand embroidered with trails of darker green leaves highlighted here and there with little clusters of pink silk roses - as though some rambling rose had climbed all over the dress

Under Clothes
* Cream silk underskirt and stomacher, embroidered herself in violets and forget-me-nots - Sept 1678

* Matching set of necklace, bracelet, earrings and hair pins, with links of enamelled violets and single pearls, set in silver. 
* A set of green silk ribbons with clusters of tiny pink silk ribbon roses which can be tied to her wrist, her hair and her fan, and a single larger rose on a broader ribbon for her throat. 

* A fan of white ostritch feathers
* A collapsible fan of sandlewood pieces

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