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Outer Clothes
* Sky blue silk brocade mantua - Sept 1678
* A cotton day dress woven in stripes of cream and pale green and hand embroidered with trails of darker green leaves highlighted here and there with little clusters of pink silk roses - as though some rambling rose had climbed all over the dress - Sept 1678
* A modest evening gown of lavender silk, the borders of which she had embroidered with the nodding heads of spring bluebells, and the occasional tiny bee - Sept 1678
* A day dress in pale yellow silk, crafted in a mantua-style, which she had embroidered with fern leaves and purple spring crocuses - Sept 1678

Under Clothes
* Cream silk underskirt and stomacher, embroidered herself in violets and forget-me-nots - Sept 1678

* Matching set of necklace, bracelet, earrings and hair pins, with links of enamelled violets and single pearls, set in silver. - Sept 1678
* A set of green silk ribbons with clusters of tiny pink silk ribbon roses which can be tied to her wrist, her hair and her fan, and a single larger rose on a broader ribbon for her throat. - Sept 1678

* A fan of white ostritch feathers - Sept 1678
* A collapsible fan of sandlewood pieces - Sept 1678

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Lord Charles Blount, Marquise Mountjoy
* Solicitor General
* Her Majesty's Master of Horse
* Married to Ursula of Saxony aka 'The Margravina'
* Enjoys hunting
* Collects Meissen porcelain

Lord Henry Grey, Baron Grey of Codnor Castle
* Scientist
* Favours greys, blues and silver, pearls.
* Unmarried

Lady Cordelia Lucas
* Friend of Lord Grey
* Upset Eleanor at the Reception by being very judgemental
* Interested in match-making according to Lady Alyth

Lord Cadell Athenry, Viscount Athenry
* Has an injury requiring a cane.
* Plays chess
* Had childhood dreams of being a knight in shining armour in a castle
* Married

Lady Catriona MacGregor, Countess Alyth
* Likes to do her own baking and owns a tea shop
* Has a brother and three sisters

Lady Sophia de Toledo, Baroness Toledo
* Very pregnant in autumn 1678
* Has a dress with beautiful lace roses

Major Charles Whitehurst, Earl of Langdon
* Major in the Life Guard

Charles Rex, His Majesty!
* Seems to have a fine sense of humour. Teased Lord Mountjoy!

Karoline Regina, Her Majesty!
* Seems more reserved, asked a thoughtful question. 

Lady Anne-Elisabeth Devereux, Countess of Cambray
* Grew up in Barbados
* Loves Astronomy

Robert Saint-Leger, Lord Beverley
* Serves the Duke of Cumberland

Mary Saint-Leger, Lady Beverley
* Serves the Queen

Francis Kirk, Lord Kingston
* Buckingham's protegee

Maria Vittoria Gonzaga Augustine, Principessa of Guastalla and Baroness of Willowmere. 
* Widowed, owns the Willowmere estate
* No brother and her father has passed away.
* Her older sister's husband holds the Guastalla title now, for their future heir. 

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* From Viscount Athenry: Chichester, for example, is bold on the board and not dissimilar in his day-to-day.
* Lord Mountjoy thinks well of Lord Kingston, but Princess Dorothea's brother John Frederick seems very suspicious of him, to his sister's possible disappointment. 
* Henry Grey warned her of rakes at court, arranged accounts at the seamstress, pastry shop and book store, and offered the use of his carriage (Grand carriage, no top, driver Seamus highly trustworthy and a good bodyguard), and told her to be careful of whom she might take offence at,  if not accorded appropriate respect, as some people had unexpected degrees of power. 
* Lord Mountjoy pointed out the Merry Gang as people to avoid. 
* Maria Gonzaga warned Eleanor to marry a young man, lest she be left a widow like Maria was.

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Fortune from Madame Soraya, September 1678

There will be many opportunities, but you must choose carefully for some of them will not be advantageous. I see a promising friendship that might benefit you, as well a possible rise in status, but you must make an effort to achieve these things and not sit around and wait for them to come to you. Avoid those whose beliefs and lifestyles are different from your own. You will face temptation that you will need to resist. Beware of false friends who seek only to use you. Learn as much as you can for knowledge will bring you wisdom.”

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