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Eleanor's Plans

Eleanor Bayning

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Investigate the young men of court for possible marriage prospects.

Investigate the younger girls associated with court, looking for a potential betrothee for her brother John, now 11.

Maintain her good reputation.

Meet interesting people of like minds.
* Charles Blount, Viscount Mountjoy. Eleanor met him at the opening reception, Autumn season 1678. Both he and his wife have positions in the Queen's household! He lost his father young, but is well established at court and buys his very fine clothes from Mr Delliard's atelier

Collect rare flowering plants.

Improve her prospects if possible.

Eventually make as good a marriage as she can, looking for a fellow of good breeding (her parents’ goal) and who can keep her in the manner to which she’d like to become accustomed (her goal).

Once she has one, help her husband (and thereby herself and her children) to gain as much advantage at court as possible.

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