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Douglas FitzJames

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Father: James MacBain, Viscount Lochend
Sisters: Catriona, Fiona, Shona and Aileen MacBain.
Niece: Nessia MacGreagor

According to his father, Douglas's mother was a woman known as Mairi Whyte. She was young and pretty, with dark hair and blue eyes. She died following Douglas's birth. However no Whyte families in the region around Lochend will admit to missing a Mairi, and Douglas suspects that either that wasn't her real name, or she was from further afield. If asked about his mother he will often flippantly claim that she was the Queen of the Fairies. 

Douglas served in the Regiment du Dumbarton with the Earl of Mulgrave. 

Dundarg Castle is a ruin perched on a headland on the Moray Firth coast in Aberdeenshire. Originally built around 1300, it was destroyed in 1335, though partially rebuilt for use as an artillery defence between 1550 and 1560, after which it was again abandoned. Archeological evidence suggests there may have been some sort of fort on the site as far back as the 6th centure. The church of Aberdour lies about 2km to the south, and the Book of Deer suggests there was a settlement there in the 6th century, but the town of New Aberdour is modern and post dates our period. The closest contemporary settlements are Rosehearty and Pennan.

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