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Dundarg's Scratchpad

Douglas FitzJames

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Father: James MacBain, Viscount Lochend
Sisters: Catriona MacGregor, Fiona, Shona and Aileen MacBain.
Niece: Nessia MacGreagor

According to his father, Douglas's mother was a woman known as Mairi Whyte. She was young and pretty, with dark hair and blue eyes. She died following Douglas's birth. However no Whyte families in the region around Lochend will admit to missing a Mairi, and Douglas suspects that either that wasn't her real name, or she was from further afield. If asked about his mother he will often flippantly claim that she was the Queen of the Fairies. 

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Possessions of Note

Horse: Daemhan, black Arab stallion, 'spoils of war' from a Dutch officer Douglas shot whilst serving with the Regiment du Dumbarton in the Third Anglo-Dutch War. Age unknown. 

Sword: a double-edged blade with an accurate point with an elaborate guard for the hand. The guards are of steel and engraved with a scroll pattern in a gold design. The blade bears the Maker's mark from Spain. It will measure 35.5 inches long; width of blade is 0.8 inches; thickness of the blade is 0.2 inches with a weight of 3 pounds. A Spanish Noblemen was its last owner and he, sadly, stabbed through the heart in a forbidden duel. Weather over an insult or a Lady was never known. But the rapier itself is superb and any 'swordsman' would see its value. Acquired at Windsor during the Christening Season. Too short for Douglas to use as a mainhand weapon. 

Dirk: A Highlands dearg gifted to him by Mulgrave. 

Lace Cravat: A thick, frothy cravat of Chelsea lace, gifted to him by Heather.

Rifle: A 'Rupertino' long-range rifle. One of the prototypes, gifted by Cumberland. 

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Military History
* Joined the Regiment du Dumbarton as a gentleman volunteer at 16. Gained his commission and served alongside Duncan Melville.
* Transferred to the Life Guards in 1675? as a Corporal.
* Promoted to Sergeant to act as Ablemarle's adjutant, then to Captain of the Third, but in both situations his desire to actually be an effective military force clashed with the preferences of the leisure class, as did his birth. 

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Duncan Melville
* "Play to your strengths, not theirs."

Madame Soraya's Fortune: 
* “Your journey through life will take you in unexpected directions. Success and esteemed can be earned through hard work, diligence, and seizing opportunities, despite the obstacles in your path. There is marriage in your future. Choose your wife wisely. There will be trouble in your family that could tear it apart. I see lies, betrayal, and an unforeseen death. Keep in mind that what seems right can be wrong and that what seems wrong can be right.”

Notes on friends
* Henry Grey makes his own mead, one of his favourite drinks, and also likes sweet, fortified wines to French clarets or Rhennish whites. Portuguese Madeira and Sack, Spanish Xerez, even Hungarian Tokaj.

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Barony of Dundarg

Feudal Barony in Scotland

Dundarg Castle is a ruin perched on a headland on the Moray Firth coast in Aberdeenshire. Originally built around 1300, it was destroyed in 1335, though partially rebuilt for use as an artillery defence between 1550 and 1560, after which it was again abandoned. Archeological evidence suggests there may have been some sort of fort on the site as far back as the 6th centure. The church of Aberdour lies about 2km to the south, and the Book of Deer suggests there was a settlement there in the 6th century, but the town of New Aberdour is modern and post dates our period. The closest contemporary settlements are Rosehearty and Pennan. The house which exists on the modern site was built in 1938, so was not present in our time. 

Natural resources
* Flat land suitable for grazing
* Granite suitable for quarrying, some as crushed rock and some as slabs depending on location
* Grey seals pup on Aberdour beach
* Coastal and esturine fishing includes: Sea Trout, Salmon, Mackerel
* Freshwater pearl mussels

Agriculture types suitable for
* Barley
* Cattle
* Sheep
* Pigs
* Poultry

Improvements by Douglas
* Herd of Highland Cattle to supply meat, hides and horns. 
* A couple of mares to get foals from his Arab stallion
* A smoke house that tennant fisherman can use, for a fee, to smoke their catch. 
* Annual seal hunt, for adult meat and blubber for oil, and pup skins. 

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* 1 red velvet Life Guard's uniform with heavy lace and gold embroidery
* 3 woolen Life Guard's uniforms with modest lace
* a grey-blue ensemble with embroidery in black, grey and striking cobalt blue that matched his eyes, in an interlacing pattern reminiscent of Celtic knotwork

* A cravat with heavy falls of Chelsea lace (gift from Heather)
* A cravat pin of mother of pearl carved in the likeness of a leaping hound, set in silver

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