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A Nocturnal Visit, Thursday 8:20 pm

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John had indeed postponed his plans for that morning and had instead tended to other business that kept him busy for the remainder the day. He was now, as promised, back at the young Countesses residence where he rapped on the door and waited to be admitted.

He was feeling excited and looking forward to getting them both undressed as soon a possible and into her bed where he intended to begin his 'lesson' and he thinks it will take all night.

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The butler let John in and led him to the upstairs parlor where Anne-Elisabeth was waiting, dressed in a bright pink nightdress covered with an equally bright orange robe. The kitten quit chasing her tail and approached him, rubbing against his legs. Her mistress sauntered over, a sultry smile on her pretty face. “Welcome, Lord Silverbridge.” Her tone was formal but her dark eyes sparkled with mischief. Playfully, she held up her hand to be kissed. “I hope you don’t mind that I didn’t dress up for you.”


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John stood for a moment taking in the room. She was, as usual, dressed in colors so bright that he felt the need to squint but that would have hurt the Lady so he refrained. Instead he bend and scooped up the small creature holding it to his chest as one might a baby murmuring to it and then gently set it back down.

"You really must ensure that your servants take better care of her - I shall hold them responsible if something happens. You may pass that on as a warning."

She sauntered over to him and John saw clearly that it was no dress she was wearing but something made for sleep. He grinned and took the offered hand to kiss it then drew her closer.

"I have been waiting all day to do this ....."

He took her mouth in his demanding access his hands bringing her up against his body. His kiss was a clear indication of his feelings and breaking apart from her delectable lips he lifted her up and strode to the door whispering

"Formalities will be skipped. I want you in bed with me. Now."

The door was opened and he went to the stairs taking them two at a time and at the top he kissed her again the grinned adding

"You were naughty indeed and so I think we shall have to have several 'lessons' .... it might take all night, even tomorrow as well  ...."

He strode in the direction of her bedroom and then disappeared with her inside.

The door banged shut.



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