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To Lord Athenry | arrives early evening 9th April

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Written on a piece of cream-colored paper, scented softly with rose and vanilla, and penned in Sophia's flowery handwriting:




Dear Lord Athenry,


Thank you for offering to give me advice on the conundrum that I am facing. Would Tuesday or Wednesday morning suit you? If you would like, we can share breakfast together. We have an excellent cook. Or we can talk over tea.


If you are busy during those mornings, we can make other arrangements. I have previous engagements on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon, as well as Thursday morning. Other than those days and times, my schedule is still free.


Please let me know what is best for you,



Lady Toledo



It seemed odd writing to Cadell in such a formal manner but she couldn’t be sure that Esteban didn’t read her correspondence before it was sent or that her friend’s wife didn’t read his as soon as it arrived. After sealing it, she sent it with one of her servants to be delivered immediately.

Edited by Sophia de la Cerda
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