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To Lord Basildon, delivered by hand Monday Morning April 11

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During the quiet of Easter Monday a servant crossed St. James Square and delivered a letter to Somerset Mansion.

The letter was written on heavy cream paper in handwriting so precise it looked almost as if it was printed is as follows:



The Earl of Basildon

Somerset Mansion


My Dear Lord Basildon,

I hope this missive finds your Lord and Ladyship in good health and I prey that it will not be a burden upon you to extend my warmest felicitations to her Ladyship the Countess on my behalf.

Since my return to London I have had the opportunity to speak with Chancellor Finch and he suggested, when the topic of Heneage’s wellbeing was raised, that I should speak with you regarding that matter.  

To that end, and for the simple pleasure of your company, I offer to stand you to lunch at the Woolsack this coming Wednesday April 13th if you are not otherwise engaged.


I have the pleasure to be,

Sir, your most Obt. Serv.



Lord Mountjoy


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