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Arrivals From Across The Sea, Thursday 7th

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The Red Lion Inn 

John stood one hand on his aching right shoulder fleexing the muscle as his gaze followed the traffic outside. From his open windows the sounds from below drifted upwards  ...

"Cherries, sweet cherries, ripe and red!

"Rosemary and sweetbriar! Who'll buy my lavender?" 

"Thimbles and needles! Step inside step inside!"

He'd noticed from his walks during the past few days that the meadows about London were thick with purple clover, bee-haunted, and there were great, red poppies in the cornfields that all spoke of Spring. His eyes had seen too the bright colors being worn in the New Exchange and outside the theatres or the sight of someone stepping into a gilt coach that waited in St. Martin's Lane or Pall Mall. He had been here before but he'd been a green boy then so things seen now had naturally been missed then.

They had arrived five days past after seven weeks at Sea a week late thanks to a four day storm that had his sister confined to her cabin with the declaration that this would not be repeated EVER forgetting that to return Home it must be. He had settled them into this establishment overseen by a Mr. Golightly that had come reccommended by the Lawyer named Grimsby and who John had called upon earlier that morning. Everything was signed and sealed. Established. He was now legally the 3rd Baron Silverbridge. In possession of an estate some fifteen miles south of London that he had never seen. Tenants farmed and there was some airable lands that was rented out as well and the suggestion had been made that John should travel down to see first hand. All in good time he had reason'd back. He had been told that he might visit The College of Arms to see the Family Crest and to have a copy. He had his Grandfathers Seal which was now his and to be used for all transactions in which he might sign. He could, he had been informed, sign himself simply as Silverbridge as was common amongst the Peers. He had gone next to C Hare and Co Bankers to set his lines of Credit and arrange for bills to be paid out of it. Asked about a dressmaker for his sister and was told of one and also a tailor for himself. He had taken his sister to a Draper also suggested by Mr. Golighly where he purchased ready-made garments for them both that would tide well enough until their new was ready.

 Tomorrow was Good Friday. He knew every Church in the City would be filled but it had been suggested that he attend, as a Peer, at the Royal Chapel - for how better to become accustomed to his Position than amongst those of his Class and Above? The King would be in attendance as well as most Courtiers so what a good chance for introductions  .... John was not sure if that was what he wanted. He was, by nature, an man who prefered to Observe. To take his time and think over and process information. Yet he understood the reins that had been handed over from his late Grandfather. The responsibility that went with it. He knew that he had Hasting's connections - through the Earl's of Huntington but his was through a cadet line not the main - yet still Kin. And that was a connection. A place to start as it were. He knew too that he would need such introductions to further more.

London was much the same as Sudbury or Marlborough or Boston so John was confident he could meet these new challenges. 

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