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Charles Blount

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Blount Family Tree

The direct male ancestors of Charles Blount



The origins of the House of Blount

(Semi Historical)

Harald ‘Klack’ Halfdansson King of the Danes King of Jutland (785-852) m.?

Gottfried Haraldsson Prince of Denmark (852-885) Gisela Princess of Lorraine (descendant of Charlemagne)

Sigfried le Danois 1st Count of Guines (905-965) m.Elstrude de Flanders, 3rd son of Gottfried

Ardolf 2ed Count of Guines (930-?) m. Maud de Boulogne

Rudolph 3rd Count of Guines (980-?) m. Rosetta de St. Pol, dau of the Count of Flanders

            had issue Eustace 4th Count of Guines & the line of the Counts of Guines and d’Eu.

Robert ‘Le Admiral’ Le Blount (1029-?) 1st Baron Ixworth and Lord of Orford Castle  m. Gundreda Ferrers sister to Robert 1st E. Derby.

     Had the command of the Conqueror's ships of war, and is styled "Dux Navium Militarium". 2ed son of Rudolph. Progenitor of the English House of Blount.

Gilbert Le Blount (1071-?) 2ed Baron Ixworth m. Alice De Cilekirke

William Le Blount (1096-1169) 3rd Baron Ixworth m. Sarah De Munchensy

Gilbert Le Blount (1120-1188) 4th Baron Ixworth m. Agnes l’isle (de Isula) 

            William  Le Blount 5th Baron Ixworth + the line of the Barons Ixworth (extinct 1264)

Stephen Blount (1166-1235) 1st Baron Saxlingham, m. Marie Le Blount, a cousin.

           3rd son of Gilbert.

Robert Blount (1197-1288) 2ed Baron Saxlingham, m. Isabel Oddingselles Had issue.

            Ralph Blount (b.1231) 3rd Baron Saxlingham m.Cicely Lovet Line of Barons of Saxlingham became extinct 1366.

Sir William Blount of Belton (1233-1316) m. Isabel de Beauchamp dau of William E. of Warwick

            2ed son of Robert.

Sir Walter Blount of Rock (Worchester) (1270-?) m. Joanna de Soddington and had issue

            establishing the (senior) line of Blount Baronets of Soddington and of Tittenhanger, both extant.


Line of The Barons Mountjoy

(A/U Semi Historical)

Sir John Blount of Soddington 1st Baron Mountjoy (1298-1358) 4th son of Walter.

        m. heiress Iseult/Isolda Mountjoy. Inherited the

        estates of the Mountjoy family in Worcestershire & Derbyshire. The Barony is one of the few non territorial baronies in the English peerage.

Sir Walter Blount 2ed Baron Mountjoy (1350-1403) m. Sancha de Ayala de Toledo

        Died at the battle of Shrewsbury defending the King, eulogized by Shakespeare in Henry IV.

Sir Thomas Blount 3rd Baron Mountjoy (1378-1456) m. Margery Gresley.

        Treasurer of Normandy.

Walter Blount (1416-1474) 4th Baron Mountjoy KG. m. Anne Neville (dau. of the  Earl of Westmoreland). Lord High Treasurer. His eldest son William was         killed at the battle of Barnet in 1471 predeceasing his father.

        Edward Blount,5th Baron Mountjoy (d.1476-1475). Died without issue

John Blount, 6th Baron Mountjoy (1450-1485). 3ed son of Walter m. Lora Berkley Inherited from his elder brother.

       Constable of Guines under Edward IV.

William Blount, 7th Baron Mountjoy KG.(1478-1534). M. Dorothy Grey (dau. ofThomas

        Marquess of Dorset) influential courtier, respected humanistic scholar and patron of learning.

Charles Blount, 8th Baron Mountjoy (1516-1544) m. Ann Willoughby de jure Baroness

         Latimer (in abeyance) Friend and patron of Erasmus.

James Blount, 9th Baron Mountjoy KB (1533-1582) m.Catherine Leigh.

         Moved the Family seat to Dorset after inheriting lands from his mother. Lord Lieutenant of Dorset

William Blount, 10th Baron Mountjoy (1561-1594)

            1st son of James. Never married and died without issue.

Charles Blount, 11th Baron Mountjoy 1st Earl Devonshire KG (1563-1606) 2ed son of James.

            Favorite of Queen Elizabeth pacified Ireland and was appointed Viceroy of Ireland, appointed Master of the Ordinance and Earl by James I. Privately married his longtime mistress Penelope Devereaux after her divorce from Lord Rich.

Mountjoy Blount, 1st Earl Newport,12th Baron Mountjoy (1597-1646)m. Lady Anne Botler dau of Elizabeth Villers.   As his Mother and Father were not married at the time of his birth he did not inherit his father’s Earldom. Created Earl of Newport, in the Isle of Wight,                          and Master of the Ordinance by Charles I. Half brother to Robert Rich 2ed Earl Warwick and Henry Rich 1st Earl Holland.

George Blount, 2ed Earl Newport, 13th Baron Mountjoy (d.1646) Sickly died unmarried soon after inheriting the title.

William Blount, 3rd Earl Newport, 14th Baron Mountjoy (d.1648) 2ed son, killed in service during the Civil War. No male issue.  

Thomas Blount, 4th Earl Newport, 15th Baron Mountjoy (d.1658) 3rd son, an idiot died without Issue whereupon the Earldom became extinct and the Barony devolved upon his uncle the 2ed son of Charles the 11th Baron.   


The Viscounts & Barons Mountjoy


John Blount, 16th Baron Mountjoy, (b.1599-1658) m. Elizabeth Knollys. 

            2ed son Charles the 11th Baron, inherited the barony when his nephews died without a male heirs and the Earldom of Newport became extinct. Elevated to Viscount Mountjoy for services to the Royalists during the Civil War.

James Blount, (1618-1646) Father of Charles. Raised a regiment of horse during the civil war, died during the siege of Oxford predeceasing his father. m. Eleanor de Courtenay dau of the Marquess of Sherbourne. Created Viscount Burleston by Charles I.

Charles Blount 1st Marquess Mountjoy, 2ed Viscount Burleston, 17th Baron Mountjoy (b. 1646) m. Ursula Princess von Sachsen (dau. of John George Elector of Saxony) Issue Hope Karoline Charlotte (b.1675). Created Marquess Mountjoy of Mountjoy Fort by Charles II.  

Edited by Charles Blount
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Servants and Household NPC’s


Mr. Buttersworth,

Blount’s venerable Butler is a very proper older gent now growing a bit rotund. He is a bit past his prime but is meticulous and well versed in etiquette. Is jealous of Herr Lurch.


Frau Rosa Klebb,

Cook, German, an old retainer of the Margravina. A short woman with a serious expression and an inability to recognize humor or sarcasm . Gruff and demanding she rules her kitchen with an iron hand deploring the least hint of un-cleanliness or disarray. She is an accomplished cook in the german tradition of wholesome well made dishes rather than French style opulence. She has a reputation for making delicious pastries such as ‘Apfel Strudel’ 


Herr Lurch

Mountjoy’s new Major Domo. He can sometimes serve as a coachman or bodyguard. He is a giant of a man with thin lanky hair and gaunt angular features towering fully 6 foot 4 tall. Taciturn with a deep baritone voice, an imposing figure whose clothes always seem to be a bit too short for him.



Valet, Irish with a ruddy face, red angular nose, bushy sideburns and perpetual stubble communicates with expressions and gestures that his master readily understands as he is a practical mute which gives off the appearance that he is dull witted but he is not. He is devoted and loyal to Mountjoy, he gets along with animals who seem to instinctively trust him. His long bony fingers are perfect for mending clothes and he is often tending to his master’s wardrobe or shining his master’s shoes to a perfect shine.



Personal Secretary. A small meek shy and mousy young man of nondescript appearance he tends to fade into the background and not be noticed. Nearsighted he wears round glasses. A former student of Oxford he was employed as a favor to an old Don after resigning due to ‘inappropriate conduct with the Halls mascot’ (no one has ever elaborated on the details) He has a talent for quick, neat handwriting and organization making him an ideal administrative assistant.


The O’Donnelly Brothers

The identical triplets  Alan, Allan and Allen (it is difficult to tell them apart) are young (about 19) Irish lads with vague criminal connections who work about the stables and do odd jobs for the Blounts. Short stout yet nondescript with knowledge of the London streets they are useful for running errands and as security as they are (like most Irishmen) not shy of brawling.


Andrew Templeton

The Ranger of Epping. Templeton is the Ranger and Master of Hounds for Mountjoys hunting park of Epping Forrest formally the under Houndsman to the King. He is a stout middle aged man prideful and unique among Mountjoy’s servants, not very deferential. His lack of deference is an area of contention between the two but as he is a first class Houndsman and a very capable Ranger he is allowed some liberty. He has established a first class deer park and hunting estate.


The Peacocks

Originally a pair of Peacocks Mountjoy bought as a present for his new wife. Living in the gardens of Saxony House they have since multiplied. They are adored by and devoted to Ursula but loathe Charles taking great pleasure in tormenting him by squawking and nipping at his heels when he is about the grounds and he retaliates by throwing things at them when the Margravina is not around. They never misbehave when Ursula is present.

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