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To Charles Rex, By Hand April 4th

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Unto Charles Rex


Gracious Sire,

I write to inform Your Majesty that I have completed my journey abroad and am once again on the fair shores of your realm of England and will be returning to Court shortly and shall wait with joyful anticipation to once again be in your presence .  Although I have been gone for some time your Grace has never been far from my thoughts thus when I came upon some craftsmen in the Black Forest of Germany who craft a remarkable type of clock known as Ein Jagdstuck Cukooin Clocken I immediately recalled your fondness for clocks of all kinds and had a specimen designed and crafted specifically for Your Majesty which I have named a Peacock Clock and do present to you, with the utmost fidelity and reverence  as a humble token of my love and esteem.


Until the time I am again graced with your presence I remain,


Your most devoted and obedient servant.





P.S I recommend that you do not keep this clock in your bedroom if you value undisturbed slumber.



Presented with the letter was an ornately carved wooden sculpture of hunting scenes with weights hanging from the bottom and a clock face in the middle. When set to the hour instead of a bell chiming there was the sound of gears moving before a tune like that of a music box played. Then from a small balcony carved in the sculpture the doors flew open and a carving of a scantly clad maid was to be seen running to and fro being pursued by a lord in doublet and codpiece. The maid escapes back into the door and as the lord turns to follow his breeches are shed and he exposes the extent of his domain. The detail is quite amazing.

Then as the two make their departure another door in the peak of the clock opens and a mechanical peacock emerges flapping its wings and displaying its plumage while at the same time issuing forth a screeching KAA-KAA to count each hour.






Edited by Charles Blount
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